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QuestGuru (v1.4)
Filename: questguru14.zip

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Wrath of the Lich King > Mods > Misc

Average User Rating: 9.1
Number of Votes: 9
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QuestGuru (v1.4) - File Description  

QuestGuru is a Quest Log replacement that displays a Quest History, showing all quests that have been completed since installing the addon.

Features include:
- Enhanced quest display in log
- Built-in announcer with customizable messages
- Custom Tracker which can be used independantly of QuestGuru, or in conjunction for full functionality


Q. Why aren't new quests automatically being tracked?
A. Check your game client settings for this. In the Interface Options under Objectives there are two options, one for tracking new quests and one for tracking quests when you make progress.

WHEN POSTING A BUG REPORT - Please include the version of QuestGuru you are using and copy/paste the error message you receive.

Pleast note: If you are currently using a quest log replacement you MUST disable it when using QuestGuru.

QuestGuru (v1.4) - Screenshots  
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QuestGuru (v1.4) - File Download Options  

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QuestGuru (v1.4) - Readme  
Readme File:
QuestGuru ChangeLog

Version 1.4
* Added full history list
* Bug fixes

Version 1.3.3
* Added Show Map button
* Fixed some bugs that showed up in patch 3.3.3

Version 1.3
* Updated for patch 3.3 (QuestGuru 2.0 wasn't very popular)

Version 1.2
* Added Daily log to History
* Bug fixes

Version 1.1
* Updated to be compatible with WoW 3.2

Version 1.0.10
* Fixed WorldMap icons to be more compatible with world map addons
* Added Russian localization

Version 1.0.9
* Bug fixes and code clean up

Version 1.0.8
* Bug fix release >.<

Version 1.0.7
* More bug fixes and code clean up

Version 1.0.6
* Bug fixes and code clean up

Version 1.0.5
* Some code clean up and optimizations

Version 1.0.4
* Fixed quest auto-tracking issues
* See ChangeLogs for History and Tracker changes

Version 1.0.3
* Even more bug fixes

Version 1.0.2
* The tracker is back, included as a separate addon that can be used with or without QuestGuru
* More bug fixes

Version 1.0.1
* Bug fixes

Version 1.0
* Added new system for adding and managing tabs
* Quest History is now a separate, included addon
* Data for History quests is split into multiple load-on-demand databases to reduce memory usage
* Removed built-in Tracker, it will be a separate addon
* Updated to be compatible with WoW Patch 3.1
* Fixed Anouncer bug when accepting a new quest

Version 0.9.8
* Added option to announce accepting a new quest
* Fixed French localization file (thanks to septh07)
* Added Chinese localization (thanks to PlayerLin and Silver Fox)
* Some bug fixes and optimizations

Version 0.9.7
* Added French localization
* Added quest count to Quest Log and History Log headers, with option to disable
* Added option to change objective item bullet symbol in tracker
* Fixed bug that the quest "Northern Cooking" exposed
* Upgraded ChatThrottleLib to version 20
* Code cleanup to hopefully improve performance
* Other minor bug fixes

Version 0.9.6
* Fixed MobMap tracker icon bug
* Fixed a couple other little bugs

Version 0.9.5 (release)
* Added option to show/hide World Map icons for quests

Version 0.9.5 Beta 3
* Added World Map icons for all quests in your current quest log
* And, of course, more bug fixes

Version 0.9.5 Beta 2
* Added Quest Title information to World Map icons when clicking on starter and finisher names in the log
* Added area names for Northrend
* Added localization strings, with some German translations by Cartman
* Added CowDeath sound to available sounds, by request
* Some minor changes and bug fixes

Version 0.9.5 Beta
* Some minor changes and bug fixes

Version 0.9.4
* Added track/untrack quest to right-click menu in quest log
* Added shift-right click menu to quests in tracker
* Added Echo option for Announcer
* Bug fixes

Version 0.9.3
* Added option to disable addon-to-addon communications
* Empty tabs (other than Current) will now be hidden
* Added MobMap support to the tracker (If MobMap buttons and scrollbar overlap, move tracker away from right edge slightly)
* "Show Border" tracker setting now just adds/removes the border, while leaving the background (which can be hidden by setting its alpha to 0)
* Added tracker option to anchor the window by the bottom, rather than the top
* Right-clicking the Minimize button on the tracker will now toggle auto-minimize
* Experience and reputation gains from quests are now stored in the History
* Quest Reward item choice is now stored in History
* Collapsing headers in the Quest Log will no longer remove those quests from the tracker
* Tracker objectives will briefly flash on progress (or quest title if collapsed, or Header if collapsed)
* Minor UI changes and some bug fixes

Version 0.9.2
* Added option to show Party/Alt/Guild tooltip when mousing over quests in the tracker
* You can now right-click quest titles in the tracker to expand/collapse the objectives
* Added a few new sounds to choose from under Sound options
* Added "Quest Complete!" message when you complete a quest (shows up like the yellow messages that show objective progress)
* For long-time QuestGuru users that used QuestInitiators before QG stored NPC start info, the stored QuestInitiator information will now be imported for quests in the History
* When someone is in your party and your guild, and is on a quest in your log, they will no longer show up twice in the tooltip
* Added quest finisher info to the "Current" quest log, if it&apos;s available from one of your alts, your guild, or your party
* Several bug fixes, some code cleanup, and minor ui changes

Version 0.9.1
* Quest log objective item icons are back! This time they are optional and QG will attempt to grab icons from your alts and guildies when you are missing them, which should result in fewer red questionmarks. You can also talk to the quest giver again after accepting the quest to cache the icons for the required items.
* Fixed a bug that was not loading some reward icons in the History after a cache clear
* Added option to change the maximum number of lines the tracker will display
* Added option to show/hide quest complete percentage in tracker
* Added option to change colors for objective coloring in the tracker
* Added option to remove quests from the tracker upon completion
* Headers in the tracker can now be collapsed by clicking on them (settings will be saved across sessions)
* Fixed bugs and cleaned up code to reduce lag, especially when also using LightHeaded
* When using LightHeaded, the LightHeaded frame will now properly hide all the way when closed
* Vastly reduced amount of addon-to-addon traffic
* Moved Options and Announcer Options into the new in-game options interface
* Removed Announcer Options button from main window
* Added Quest Completion announcement option
* Added "(Complete)" to the end of objective announcements when objective is complete (not configurable at this time)
* Added $qlink to list of variables for announcements. It will insert the link for the quest.
* When talking to an NPC with multiple active quests, quests ready to turn in will show a yellow question mark, incomplete quests will show a gray question mark

Version 0.9.0
* Quest log will now show how many guild members are on a particular quest (only works with players with QuestGuru 0.9.0 or higher)
* Added option to show/hide Guild Member Status in party tooltip
* Added quest objective information for party members in party tooltip when they are running QuestGuru
* QuestGurus will now talk to each other in guild and party addon chat to fill in missing information for quests completed pre-2.4
* Added Guild and Party tabs (for future use) and moved some elements in the top area of the window
* Bug fix when quest log is empty

Version 0.8.9
* Added mouse wheel support to tracker
* Changed quest tooltips in tracker to built-in quest tooltip
* Added option to show/hide quest tooltips in the tracker
* Updated History and Abandon to support the new LightHeaded (older versions of LightHeaded no longer supported)
* Clicking the NPC name on the quest start/finish lines will bring up the world map showing the NPC&apos;s location
* Added option to show/hide Alt Status in party tooltip
* Added Isle of Quel&apos;Danas areas and NPC names to lists for coloring, may be incomplete.
* More bug fixes and code cleanup

Version 0.8.8
* Updated for WoW 2.4
* Shift clicking quests in the log or tracker will now add a link to chat, rather than plain text
* Added Click Through option for the tracker
* Added scrollbar to tracker when the tracker would be more than 30 lines (mouse over tracker to make scrollbar appear)
* Cleaned up some code and fixed a couple of bugs

Version 0.8.7
* Added Quest Objective tooltip to the tracker
* Objectives in the tracker can now be colorized based on progress
* Added minimize/show and Options buttons to tracker
* Added current/maximum quests display to tracker

Version 0.8.6
* Several changes to the look of the tracker including percentage of quest complete and truncating long objectives
* Clicking a quest name in the tracker will open the quest log to that quest
* Shift-Clicking a quest name in the tracker adds it to the chat edit box, if it&apos;s open
* Clicking on an item in the tracker will show the item tooltip
* Shift-Clicking an objective in the tracker will add it to the chat edit box, if open
* Some bug fixes

Version 0.8.5
* Added option to Show/Hide completed objectives in the tracker
* Tracker Full message will no longer appear, allowing unlimited quests tracked, but not all will show in tracker just yet
* As always, more bug fixes

Version 0.8.4
* The quest list is now right-clickable to bring up a menu to act on that quest
* Quests in the History and Abandon logs can now be deleted PERMANENTLY by right-clicking the quest, choosing "Delete Quest", then clicking the "Yes" button
* Repeatable non-Daily quests SHOULD now stack like Daily quests do in the History
* Various bug fixes and coding changes

Version 0.8.3
* Added quest status of your Alts to the party tooltip (log in each alt at least once after installing 0.8.3 to populate the information)
* Several bug fixes

Version 0.8.2
* Added some level information when talking to NPCs
* Bug fixes

Version 0.8.1
* Quest announcer will now only send party/guild messages if you are in a party/guild
* Quest announcer will now report the correct quest name
* Added sounds for quest progress and completion. New options tab for enabling/disabling and setting the sounds

Version 0.8.0
* Added quest announcer to announce progress of item, monster, and event type objectives to say/whisper/party/guild chat
* Added Expand/Collapse all headers button
* Cleaned up some code and fixed some minor graphical issues

Version 0.7.5
* Added option to Auto-Complete quests (defaults to false)
* Added tracker option to Auto-Track new quests (defaults to true)
* Bug fix for mob tooltip to only show for actual mob required
* Changed tooltip for Start and Finish information to be much more readable
* Long NPC names in Start/Finish line in the log are now truncated, the full name can be viewed in the tooltip
* Moved Clear Abandoned List from Options window to Abandon page

Version 0.7.4
* Added option to clear Abandon list. Use this if you get errors when trying to accept new quests or view the abandon list
* Some bug fixes to reduce occurance of errors caused by the abandon log.
* Added option to disable adding quest related tooltip information to mobs and items.

Version 0.7.3r2
* Added various nil checks and a check for if the unit is a player to correct tooltips

Version 0.7.3
* Added tooltip text on enemies and items that are needed for active quests

Version 0.7.2r2
* Fixed ShowLevels error that kept popping up
* Fixed scrolling issue in the History log

Version 0.7.2
* Added option to turn off display of quest level
* More information is now saved when a quest is started and finished, such as NPC name, player level, position, etc.
* Start and Finish text in the quest log and history has been changed from date/time to NPCName (position)
* Other minor bug fixes

Version 0.7.1
* Added ability to add or remove entire sections from the tracker by shift-clicking the header in the log
* Added checkbox to headers in the quest log for adding and removing entire sections (same as shift-click)
* Fixes to work toward resolving taint issue

Version 0.7
* Removed the LARGE database of items
* Required items now show up as text, rather an icon in the quest log (icons still show in history)
* Added support for the new Bonus Honor added in patch 2.3
* Cleaned up NPC name list to be much smaller (this list is used for coloring NPC names)
* Bug fixes related to the Abandoned list
* Other minor fixes

Version 0.6.5
* Added a LARGE database of items, so most red ? should now be gone from the quest log
* Changed the way quest start times are stored to allow for future expansion

Version 0.6.4r2
* Made some coding changes to *hopefully* fix some errors

Version 0.6.4
* Added log of Abandoned Quests
* Added/fixed several area names for coloring

Version 0.6.3
* Updated for WoW 2.3 patch
* Other AddOns, such as LightHeaded and MobMap, should now work correctly again with QuestGuru

Version 0.6.2
* Fixed Tracker Border setting not saving
* Fixed History search bugs

Version 0.6.1
* SpellBook error should no longer happen, however, this fix breaks LightHeaded and MobMap support (among others, most likely)
* Daily quests will now display a &apos;Y&apos; next to the level number

Version 0.6 (Release)
* Sped up colorizing of Area and NPC names, reducing lag when opening QuestGuru and clicking quest titles
* Added options to turn on and off colorizing of Player Name, Area Names, and NPC Names
* Added options to change the color of items that can be colorized
* Other minor fixes

Version 0.6 (Beta)
* Important NPC and area names in quest text will now be a different color (turning this feature off, and changing the color, will be an option in a future version). It still needs some tweaking, but it works fairly well.

Version 0.5.3
* Tracker options for scale and background alpha can now be set in intervals of 1, rather than 10
* Various minor bug fixes

Version 0.5.2
* Added Search funcion to History
* Changes to hopefully fix quests not being added to the history

Version 0.5.1
* Changed look of History titles
* Other minor fixes

Version 0.5 (Beta)
* Redesign of the Quest Log title layout, released for feedback

Version 0.4.3
* Updated tracker to match level display in log
* Various bug fixes and checks for the History

Version 0.4.2
* Daily quests now increment a count in History, rather than adding them over and over

Version 0.4.1
* Now displays "G#" or "D" for group and dungeon quests, rather than just "+"
* Start and Finish times are now recorded for quests
* Various bug fixes and coding improvements

Version 0.4
* The tracker can now hold more than just 5 quests
* Tracked quests will remain tracked between sessions
* Other minor fixes

Version 0.3.2
* Added option to disable QuestGuru&apos;s tracker. Doing so should allow you to use other tracker replacement mods

Version 0.3.1
* Headers in History are now collapsable

Version 0.3
* Added an Options window where you can modify a few settings for the tracker

Version 0.2.4
* Updated for WoW 2.2 release
* The tracker is a bit smaller now and will save its position between sessions
* Some minor bug fixes

Version 0.2.3
* Fixed a bug caused by a previous patch. Some other addons may not work with the tracker now

Version 0.2.2
* Various fixes to enable support for addons such as MobMap

Version 0.2.1
* Fixed a couple of minor graphical glitches
* Quest Log and History have been extended by one line
* Other minor fixes

Version 0.2
* Added LightHeaded support for the Quest Log and History
* Fixed some scrolling issues with the History
* Quest Watch (tracker) is now movable
* Added headers to the Quest Watch
* Fixed incompatibilities with QuestFu

Version 0.1.2 (Beta)
* First released version

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