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Titan Panel - Quests (v3.0.0)
Filename: titanquests300.zip

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Wrath of the Lich King > Mods > User Interface

Average User Rating: 7.8
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Titan Panel - Quests (v3.0.0) - File Description  

1. About the plugin
Titan Panel [Quests] (or short: Titan Quests) is a plugin for the WoW addon Titan Panel. It was originally developed by Corgi/Ryessa with smaller updates being done by PcHaXoR and r3neGaDe and then taken over by urnati for about 2 years.

Titan Quests adds a new button to Titan Panel, granting direct access to the quest list and some quest-related functionality.

1.1 Features
* adds a quest icon to Titan Panel, showing the number of completed/total quests
* shows detailed quest statistic on mouse-over (number of elite quests, pvp quests,...)
* shows a quest list of all currently accepted quests upon right-clicking the Titan Quests icon
* shows detailed quest information when mousing over a quest in the quest list
* allows to add/remove quests from the quest watcher by left-clicking on a quest in the quest list
* shortcut to open/close the quest log by left-clicking on the Titan Quests icon
* customizable elements (all visible elements can be configured)
* little performance impact on the game (only performs updates, when quest-related events occur)
* complete English/German translation, partial French/Spanish/Latin American/Russian translation - more languages can be supported with help from volunteers
* high code quality (due to use of automated tests, profiling, bug tracking, a clean architectural design and a beta release schedule prior to the release of each version)

2. Introduction
After successful installation of the plugin, you'll see a new icon in the Titan Panel. By moving the mouse over that icon, a summary of the current quests is displayed (see "2.1 Titan Panel Tooltip").
By right-clicking onto the icon, a detailed questlist pops up, which presents the name, level and current state of each quest (see "2.2 Questlist").
Mousing over one of these quests opens up a quest-menu which presents a comprehensive summary of the quest as well as further options like abandoning the quest, sharing it, or adding it to the watch list (see "2.3 Questdetails").
Last but not least can the display of Titan Quests be customized via the options dialog (see "2.4 Options").

2.1. Titan Panel Tooltip
The Titan Quests button on the Titan Panel displays the number of completed and total quests. By mousing over, a tooltip displaying the following information is shown:
- total number of quests
- the total number of quests split up into the number of quests by category (elite, group, regular, etc.) - the prefix representing the category is displayed in brackets (this prefix is used in the questlist --- see "2.2 Questlist")
- number of daily quests
- number of completed quests
- number of incomplete quests
- the time when the raid instances will reset
- some hints explaining the possible interactions with the Titan Quests button.

By left-clicking onto the Titan Quests button the questlog is brought up.
By right-clicking onto the button the questlist is displayed (see 2.2 Questlist).

2.2 Questlist
The first entry in the questlist is the option dialog (see "2.4 Options").
This is followed by the list of quests (if no quests match the selected filter or the player has no quests at all a message is displayed instead of the actual questlist).
The questlist is structured the following way:
The number, which is colored according to the difficulty, represents the questlevel. It is followed by the questprefix representing the quest category. The following prefixes can appear (note that different localizations can use different prefixes):
"+" = elite quests
"g" = group quests
"h" = heroic quests
"d" = dungeon quests
"r" = raid quests
"p" = PvP quests
If no prefix is displayed, the quest is a regular quest.

The quest category prefix is followed by a "*", if the quest is also a daily quest.
After these basic quest information comes the name of the quest.
Groupquests then display the number of suggested group members in square brackets.
Completed quests show "(done)" in green color, quests which have failed show "(failed)" in red color afterwards.
Before the zone name which the quest takes part in, a blue "(W)" is visible, if the quest is also in the watch list.
Note that the zone name is not displayed, if sorting is set to "by location" and "group sorted quests" is enabled (see "2.4 Options" for further details).
In case "group sorted quests" is enabled and the questlist is set to be either sorted by level or by location, the quests are preceded by a header naming either the location or the level.

By mousing over any quest in the list, the questdetails for that quest are displayed (see "2.3 Questdetails").

If the questlist becomes too long and cannot be displayed completely the messge "Quest list too large. Some quests are not displayed." is displayed. In this case at least one quest is not displayed. One way to work around this is by disabling the setting to group quests. This will remove the group-headers from the list and hence should provide enough space to display all quests.

The last two lines show some hints about what kind of interaction is possible by left-clicking or shift-left-clicking onto a quest.
Depending on the setting left-clicking either opens the questlog for that particular quests or adds/removes the quest to/from the watch list. Shift-left-clicking performs the other action (see "2.4 Options" for more information).

2.3 Questdetails
Upon mousing over a quest in the questlist, a summary for the quest is displayed with the following information:
The first line contains the questname, followed by either a one-liner or a list of objectives which have to be fullfilled to complete the quest. If an objective has been completed, it is colored green.
Next comes the list of rewards the player gets when completing the quest. Items can be clicked to display more information about the particular item. The following rewards can be displayed (note that if the quest doesn't give a specific reward, it is not displayed and if the quest does not give any rewards at all, no reward section is displayed at all):
- money
- rewarded item
- rewarded spell
- a list of item rewards, the player can choose from
- honor
- talent points
- title

If the player is in a group and at least one other group member has the same quest, another section is displayed listing all the players who are on the same quest.
Last but not least a number of questoptions are available:
- track quest
- share quest
- abandon quest
- quest details (opens up the questlog)
- link quest (creates a questlink in the chat box)

2.4 Options
The different settings of the plugin can be accessed via the options-dropdown list which can be opened by right-clicking onto the icon on the Titan Panel and moving the mouse over the "Options" entry.
The following settings are available:
- Sort:
Sets the sort order for the questlist.
- Show:
Sets the filter for the questlist (only quests which meet the specific selection will be displayed)
- Left Click to Watch quest:
If ticked, left-clicking on a questlist entry will add/remove the quest to/from the WoW watchlist.
If unticked, left-clicking on a questlist entry will open the quest in the questlog.
- Group Sorted Quests:
If ticked, quests in the questlist will be sorted under a level/location header, if sort order is set to level or location.
- Show Icon
Shows/Hides the Titan Quests icon on the Titan Panel.
- Show Label Text
Shows/Hides the Titan Quests text on the Titan Panel.
- Hide
Disables the Titan Quests button on the Titan Panel. (Titan Quests can then be reopened via the Titan Panel right-click menu)
- About
Shows the about dialog (containing the version number as well as the list of authors)

3. Important changes
For those coming back to Titan Quests from 0.24 and also for those which are just upgrading from 2.14.30300 there are several notable changes. The following sections list the most important ones for people upgrading from either 0.24 or from 2.14.30300.

3.1 Changes since Titan Panel [Quests] 0.24
* added more detailed quest information
Mousing over an entry in the questlist presents not only the quest-objective(s) but also includes the rewards and the list of other players on the same quest, now.
* completely overhauled the tooltip
The layout of the Titan Quest tooltip has been redone to improve readability and add additional information like the number of total/completed quests and the time when the instances reset.
* added support for new WoW features
Titan Quests supports daily and heroic quests.
All restrictions to watch quests have been removed, so that any number of quests can now be added to the watchlist.
* improved performance
The plugin listens only to those events it is interested in and updates the questlist only if necessary. Rather than regenerating the questlist whenever the player opens the Titan Quests questlist, it is now being kept in memory. This caching of the questlist significiantly boosts the performance when accessing the questlist and fixes all cases which previously caused notable delays and stuttering (performance improved by 50-99%).
* removed quests detail frame
Whereever it was used, we now use the default WoW quest log. The only purpose of having a separate quest log was to provide a larger and movable quest frame. Meanwhile, the default quest log was updated several times and itself became movable and its size was increased, so there's no longer the need to provide a separate quest log.
Furthermore, using the default quest log allows better interaction with other addons which replace/hook into the normal quest frame.
* removed persistent quest tracking support
In earlier versions of WoW the quest watch list was reset whenever the player logged in/out of the game. That means that players always had to reactivate the quests they wanted to track between sessions.
Titan Quests stored the watchlist and upon restarting the game, restored the watch list entries, so the watchlist became persistent.
In one of the later updates to WoW Blizzard made the default watchlist persistant itself, effectively removing the need to provide this functionality ourselves.
* removed toggle options menu
Earlier versions of Titan Quests provided a toggle menu which allowed toggling of several 3rd party quest-related addons (like Monkey Quests, QuestIOn, Quest History). This caused a significant work-load on maintaining this functionality, because all the provided addons had to be checked for updates on a regular basis.
* added quest log shortcut
Since the toggle menu was removed, the toggle function of the quest log was removed, too. To provide a better/simpler way to toggle the quest log, the functionality was added to open/close the quest log by simply left-clicking on the Titan Quests icon in the Titan Panel bar.
* added shortcut hints
Useful hints are displayed which point especially new users to the shortcuts they can use within Titan Quests.

3.2 Changes since Titan Panel [Quests] 2.14.30300
* added support for new WoW features
Titan Quests supports heroic quests now and the support for daily quests has been extended (aka: the questlist can be set to show daily quests only)
* removed quest event notifications
The system to display a message when a quest-relevant event occurred (like killing a quest target, etc.) has been removed from Titan Quests, since this feature is now considered outside the scope of the plugin.
* performance further improved
Even though there have been several changes to significiantly boost performance since version 1.0, some use-cases could be improved to further increase the performance by up to 50%.
* removed persistent quest tracking support
In earlier versions of WoW the quest watch list was reset whenever the player logged in/out of the game. That means that players always had to reactivate the quests they wanted to track between sessions.
Titan Quests stored the watchlist and upon restarting the game, restored the watch list entries, so the watchlist became persistent.
In one of the later updates to WoW Blizzard made the default watchlist persistant itself, effectively removing the need to provide this functionality ourselves.
* removed toggle options menu
Earlier versions of Titan Quests provided a toggle menu which allowed toggling of several 3rd party quest-related addons (like Monkey Quests, QuestIOn, Quest History). This caused a significant work-load on maintaining this functionality, because all the provided addons had to be checked for updates on a regular basis.
* removed ShowColoredText option
Restored the 0.24 button coloring behavior which colors the number of completed quests on the Titan Quests button green and the number of total quests in white, in order to use a consistent green coloring for completed quests.
* removed initialization output
Though the output print to the chat when the addon has been successfully loaded might be useful to prevent user errors it also spams the chat-output. If each addon would print such a message, players with 50+ addons would unnecessarily be spammed whenever they start WoW. Hence, the initialization message has been removed.
* added shortcut hints
Useful hints are displayed which point especially new users to the shortcuts they can use within Titan Quests.

4. License
This plugin is distributed under the GNU GPL v3. Please refer to the gpl-3.0.txt file for the complete license.

5. Contact and Distribution
The official page for this addon is http://www.luke1410.de/typo3/index.php?id=titanquests.
The addon is also distributed via the following addon pages:
- WoW Interface: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9990-TitanQuests.html
- WoWUI: http://wowui.incgamers.com/?p=mod&m=729
- Curse: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/titan-panel-quests/

Last but not least you can contact me directly via Luke1410[NOBOTSPAM]atgmx[dot]de.

6. Thanks
Thanks go to:
- urnati for taking over the maintenance of the addon and introducing a bunch of new features - last but not least thanks for the great support with passing over the project to me
- Corgi/Ryessa for coding the original version of this addon
- PcHaXoR/r3neGaDe for providing updates for the early version
- The devs from Auctioneer who helped me a lot getting into WoW addon development --- it was great fun working with you guys.
- The guys from http://www.wowwiki.com for their great page with all the useful information about the WoW API.
- Blizzard for their contribution to the community and offering us such a great way to alter the game to our wishes.

Titan Panel - Quests (v3.0.0) - Screenshots  
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Titan Panel - Quests (v3.0.0) - File Download Options  

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Titan Panel - Quests (v3.0.0) - Readme  
Readme File:
beginning with version 3.0.0: Luke1410
version 1.00 to 2.14.30300: urnati
version 0.24: PcHaXoR
version 0.23 to 0.23.2: r3neGaDe
version 0.22: PcHaXoR
version 0.21 and before: Corgi/Ryessa

English (enUS): Corgi, Ryessa, urnati, Luke1410
German (deDE): Scarabeus, Kaesemuffin, Luke1410
French (frFR): Vorpale
Latin America (mxMX): MogoOrc
Spanish (esES): PatoDaia
Russian (ruRU): djDan, StingerSoft

+ = added feature
* = changed feature (bugfixes, changed behavior, etc.)
- = removed feature

version 3.0.0 (05-23-2010 14:26 UTC)
* reviewed readme file and made some minor updates

version 3.0.0 - beta 1 (04-28-2010 23:52 UTC)
+ added support for heroic quests (quest counter and quest filter added - prefix used in questlist: "h")
+ added shift-left-click on quests in the questlist to open the questlog for the selected quest directly or toggle watching the quest (the behavior of the left-click can be changed via a new setting in the options dialog - this functionality was restored from pre 1.0 versions)
+ added database upgrade facility
+ added text to the questlist, if no quest matches the selected filter
+ added more hints for left-/right-click actions
+ added readme file
+ added 3rd party libraries (AceLocale and LibStub)
* the mod is now distributed under the GPL v3 license (added gpl-3.0.txt and added licensing notes to all lua files)
* changed version numbering style to [major].[minor].[bugfix]
* refactored questlist handling to improve overall performance (performance for the most common use-cases was increased by up to 50%)
* refactored entire code structure and moved to a more OO-design (added/removed several lua files, moved all variables to TitanQuests global in order to reduce pollution of the global namespace)
* refactored localization system (made use of AceLocale, moved localization files to separate folder, added complete localization support)
* fixed issue with grayed-out buttons when displaying too long quest details
* fixed questlist being displayed off-screen when there are too many quests (occurs especially when using a lower resolutions)
* fixed one issue with the tick-symbol for quest rewards not behaving correctly
* fixed party members being clickable in quest party member list
* fixed crashes with German WoW clients
* fixed garbled questlist when sorting by title
* changed Titan Quest tooltip layout (removed static/redundant information, improved the layout of quest counters)
* changed quest details display when mousing over a quest in the quest list (only display information which actually exist, removed quest detail text / summary text, changed color support to comply with the color code for completed/failed objectives)
* changed quest list complete/failed display (removed "*" and "!" for completed/failed quests and made coloring for completed/failed quests/objectives consistent throughout TitanQuests)
* changed default sort order from "location" back to "title" (as it was in pre 1.0 versions)
* changed the behavior of toggling sort/show quest settings (when clicking on the current selected entry it will no longer set the setting back to its default (i.e. the current setting is unchanged) )
* changed prefix for daily quests from "y" to "*"
* improved text wrapper function (words are no longer separated in between and "_"-characters no longer pollute the text output)
* spell rewards are now clickable, whenever possible
* moved the toggle icon/text settings back into the options dialog (as it was in pre 1.0 versions)
* all quests can now be added to the watchlist (since WoW no longer has any restrictions for the watchlist)
* better error reporting, if problems related to localization occur
* improved German localization
* moved all documentation to doc subdirectory
* updated changelog to contain older version information and unified timestamps to use UTC
* minor changes (mostly code layout, optimization and removed deprecated code/comments)
- removed quest description and summary from quest detail view (this reduces the size of the single quest view --- open the questlog, if you need to read the detailed information)
- removed quest details setting switches (all details are displayed, if applicaple)
- removed toggle options menu - the menu provided entries to toggle the quest log as well as for several third party addons (like QuestIOn, QuestHistory, etc.) - considering the efford required to always keep the toggling integration up-to-date with all these third party addons and with the added feature to toggle the questlog with a simple left-click on the Titan Quest icon, the decision had been made to remove this feature
- removed quest event display (since that's considered a feature outside the scope of Titan Quests)
- removed persistant quest tracking support - since that functionality was added to WoW 3.3.0, and hence became redundant
- removed option to use colored-text only (all text would be green)
- removed TitanQuests.xml (since it's no longer required - creation of frame objects has been moved to wowintegration.lua)

version 2.14.30300 (12-13-2009)
* updated russian translation (thanks to StingerSoft)

version 2.12.30300 (12-12-2009)
* updated toc version because the zip was not right

version 2.11.30300 (12-12-2009)
* updated toc#

version 2.10.30200 (08-11-2009)
+ added required money in the objectives, if there is any
* changed the 'Link Quest' to put a clickable link into chat rather than text
* changed the 'complete' and 'failed' from text after the title to '*' (green) for complete and '!' (red) after the level
* changed the tooltip text

version 2.09.30200 (07-05-2009)
+ added more info to the quest reward line
+ added talent points, title, and honor points to the Rewards section, if given as a reward
* GetDifficultyColor moved and became GetQuestDifficultyColor
* per Blizz changes, the way the quest log is parsed was changed

version 2.08.30100 (04-05-2009)
* modified Titan options per upcoming changes (the Titan options are now at the bottom of the first menu rather than under the 'options' to be in line with other Titan addons)
* modified watched quests to work with 3.1 patch changes
* quests now honors the Titan 'colored text'

version 2.07.30000 (02-??-2009)
+ added <complete>/<total> to the tooltip
* fixed an issue where the check mark would not be in sync with the watched quests

version 2.06.30000 (02-01-2009)
* fixed russian translation not working (thanks to djDan)

version 2.05.30000 (02-01-2009)
+ added russian translation (thanks to djDan)
+ added a button to the quest details menu (2nd menu) which will open the quest log at that quest (other addons that 'override' the quest log will work such as Lightheaded or Carbonite)
* error when selecting Add / Remove from Watcher in the quest details menu (2nd menu)
* error in startup fixed

version 2.04.30000 (01-27-2009)
* fix for reported error
* updated toc#

version 2.03.30000 (01-10-2009)
+ added an option (ON by default) to show quest events
* made usEN a separate file
* put localization within TitanQuests to reduce global namespace

version 2.02.30000 (01-01-2009)
+ added Spanish translation (thanks to PatoDaia)

version 2.01.30000 (01-01-2009)
* fixed an error on left click to properly open the Blizzard quest log

version 2.00.30000 (09-28-2008)
* incremented the release to 2.xx to denote this is Lich King only
* updated because of changes in Titan Panel (the changes are NOT backwards compatible - if you run an older version of TitanQuests in the new Titan Panel, neither will you get any errors (Titan Quests will not be displayed) nor will you be able to enable it using Titan Panel)
* tightened some default checking when getting quest info (it is possible that a quest does not return a valid 'quality' (green | blue | ...) so the default is 'gray' when this happens -- not sure if this is a feature or a bug)

version 1.03.30000 (09-21-2008)
* updated because of changes in Titan Panel (the changes are backwards compatible)
* updated the interface number for Lich King

version 1.02.20400 (08-10-2008)
+ left click on the button brings up the Blizz quest log
* fixed an issue where spell rewards were not showing (unfortunately there is limited information to work with so quality, number, and usability had to assumed)
* small change to make the above change work on the Lich King (beta)

version 1.01.20400 (08-07-2008)
* cosmetic changes to display the proper version

version 1.00.20400 (08-02-2008)
+ added Latin America translation (thanks MogoOrc)
+ hovering over the quest also displays the quest objective text
+ the main quest list now includes the suggested group size
+ the main quest list now includes the number of party members on the same quest
+ the quest submenu now includes the party members on the same quest
* changed _OnLoad so Titan will show proper version
* seperated the localization into seperate files

version 0.24 (08-07-2008 - 20:07 UTC)
* updated toc#

version 0.23.2 (08-02-2007)
* fixed the ZIP file folder structure and removed DS_Store file and _MACOSX folder. I also added a RAR version of the mod.

version 0.23.1 (unknown)
* uploaded the correct ZIP file, the mod will now work when installed

version 0.23 (unknown)
+ added Group Quest Support
+ group quests are now tagged with a 'g'
+ group quest count is now included in the Titan Panel tooltip
+ view can now be filtered to show only group quests

version 0.22 (07-09-2007 14:54 UTC)
* updated toc#

version 0.21 (01-13-2006 17:03 UTC)
* update for changes to GetQuestLogTitle() (thanks Perigoso)
* updated toc#
- removed quest list display truncation

version 0.20 (12-27-2006 19:00 UTC)
* changed MaxQuests to 25 (thanks Bubs)

version 0.19 (12-11-2006 17:15 UTC)
* updated toc# [Corgi]

version 0.18 (06-08-2006 09:00 UTC)
* fixed background on quest detail frame [Ryessa]
* re-positioned close button on text frame [Ryessa]
* updated toc# to latest patch [Ryessa]

version 0.17 (01-07-2006 21:30 UTC)
* fixed quest detail frame

version 0.16 (01-06-2006 18:00 UTC)
* updated toc# for 1.9 patch

version 0.15 (09-20-2005 18:15 UTC)
* fixed the error caused when minimizing a quest section in Blizzard's QuestLog
* updated toc# for 1.70 patch

version 0.14 (07-06-2005 18:18 UTC)
+ Added persistence of quests over UI reloads and logout [Ryessa]
* Refactored Titan Quests into smaller, more logical files TitanQuests (.lua, .xml), TitanQuestsDetails (.lua, .xml), and TitanQuestsUtils (.lua) [Ryessa]

version 0.13 (06-28-2005 17:11 UTC)
* fixed bug when clicking on "Quest Details"
* minor German translation fix (thanks Scarabeus)

version 0.12 (06-26-2005 9:00 UTC)
+ added ability to click on a quest to add to the quest tracker directly [Ryessa]
+ added option to set "Watch" or "Quest Details" as primary action when clicking a quest [Ryessa]
+ added SHIFT-click to perform the secondary action ("Watch" or "Quest Details") [Ryessa]
+ added "Failed" quest tag [Corgi]
+ added option to disable grouping of quests under Zone or Level headings [Ryessa]
* cleaned up info display panel a bit [Ryessa]
* set quests to store their toggle state in Titan variables (prep to persist watched quests between sessions) [Ryessa]
* moved a lot of code into utility functions for code cleanliness at cost of a slight perf hit (not noticable) [Ryessa]

version 0.11 (06-16-2005 00:40 UTC)
+ added option to show only incomplete quests (need loc guys to review) [Ryessa]
+ added grouping headers when sorting by location or level [Ryessa]
* new quest list layout [Ryessa]
* moved most options to a side menu because of the larger size from grouping [Ryessa]
* Shortened English tooltip descriptors [Ryessa]
* changed Titan button text to be NumComplete/NumCurrent [Ryessa]
* updated for Titan Panel 1.24 [Corgi]

version 0.10 (06-08-2005 04:30 UTC)
+ added French localization (thanks Vorpale)
* German localization changes (thanks Kaesemuffin)
* toc updated for 1.50 patch

version 0.09 (06-02-2005 23:31 UTC)
+ added German localization (thanks Scarabeus)
* fixed bug that was causing WoW.exe to crash when changing characters

version 0.08 (05-31-2005 00:00 UTC)
+ added the ability to sort the quest list by location (default), level or title
+ added the ability to just show quests based on their type (i.e., just show elite quests)

version 0.07 (05-28-2005 01:41 UTC)
+ added a [Quests] icon for the Titan Panel, which can be turned on/off
* minor changes to text displayed in mouseover tooltip

version 0.06 (05-21-2005 04:27 UTC)
+ added 'Quest Details' button to quest dropdown menu
+ added a 'Link Quest' button to quest dropdown menu
+ added Location to Quest Details
+ added colored quest level text to Quest Details window title
+ added 'Toggle' dropdown menu to toggle the blizzard's quest log and various 3rd party addons
+ Share Quest has been added to quest dropdown menu
+ Abandon Quest has been added to quest dropdown menu (a window will open for confirmation)
* clicking on quest now opens a movable window with complete quest info, including rewards
* fixed ui scaling issue with Quest Details window
* localization.lua is ready for german, french and korean translations

version 0.05 (05-16-2005 00:20 UTC)
+ added quest location and complete tag to the quest list
+ added the ability to toggle PartyQuests, QuestBank, QuestIon if they are installed
* changed 'About' button to open a dropdown menu displaying mod name, version and author name
* clicking on a quest in the quest list will open a dropdown menu showing the quest objectives and a button to add/remove the quest from Blizzard's Quest Tracker

version 0.04 (05-15-2005 03:43 UTC)
+ added the ability to toggle MonkeyQuest and/or QuestHistory from the right-click menu if they are installed
+ added version info to mouseover tooltip
+ added 'About' to right-click menu, which opens a window displaying mod name, version and author name

version 0.03 (05-14-2005 00:28 UTC)
* clicking on quest will now open the quest log to that particular quest

version 0.02 (05-13-2005 20:01 UTC)
* fixed typo to allow 'Show Label Text' to work

version 0.01 (05-13-2005 18:30 UTC)
+ Initial Release

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