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nUI (v5.06.29 Release)
Filename: nui_5.06.29_release.zip

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v5.06.29 Release
K. Scott Piel
Wrath of the Lich King > Mods > User Interface

Average User Rating: 7.7
Number of Votes: 25
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nUI (v5.06.29 Release) - File Description  

nUI is a user interface replacement for World of Warcraft. It is 100% standalone code designed to feel like Bliz meant the UI to look this way. nUI removes a ton of clutter from the display, provides detailed targeting information, an integrated HUD, cooldowns and more all in one tightly integrated single-source addon that requires no user configuration.

nUI is user supported software...

nUI relies on your donations for its survival and continued development. To make a donation to support nUI, please visit…

* http://www.nuiaddon.com/donate.html

nUI is not a compilation of addons, it is one single mod that provides all of the functionality required to replace the Blizzard default UI. It is small, fast and efficient, easy to install, easy to use and come patch day you only have to worry about updating one mod.

Current Features...

* No dependencies
* No third party code, libraries or add-ons
* 100% Original stand-alone code
* Greatly reduced screen clutter
* Integrated unit casting bars w/ latency
* Advanced targeting info... Pet Target, ToT, ToTT
* Detailed HUD including player casts, harmful auras, cooldowns and more
* Integrated in-HUD threat meter (see notes)
* Integrated in-HUD health race bar (see notes)
* Advanced player casting bar with latency and GCD
* Click-casting compatible unit, party and raid frames
* Click-to-feed hunter pet happiness indicator on unit frames
* Integrated battlefield highlighting of raid group numbers, hits and heals
* Integrated player talent build/spec browsing in unit frames
* Integrated cooldown counters, OOM and OOR indicators
* Integrated range to target calculation
* Integrated (de)buff displays for all units
* Integrated (de)buff countdowns
* Integrated mouse wheel minimap zoom-in and zoom-out
* Integrated mouse wheel scrolling of chat and combat log
* Integrated world coordinates and in-game clock
* Integrated user interface reload "/nui rl"
* Integrated support for Recount (damage meters)
* Integrated support for Titan Panel and FuBar
* Integrated support for Omen3 and KLH Threat meters
* Integrated support for Clique
* Integrated support for FuBar and Titan Panel
* Automatic faction watching
* Automatic management of MiniMap buttons
* Expanded battlefield map
* Adaptive buff/debuff display based on target reaction

Official nUI technical support and user forum...

* http://www.wowinterface.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=86

Contacting the author directly...

* E-mail: kscottpiel@gmail.com
* Web Site: http://www.nUIaddon.com
* Personal Site: http://www.scottpiel.com

nUI (v5.06.29 Release) - Screenshots  
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nUI (v5.06.29 Release) - File Download Options  

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nUI (v5.06.29 Release) - Readme  
Readme File:
Version 5.06.29

* Fixed the ReadID converation chat frames to anchor correctly to the dashboard when
they are created

* Fixed display of the scroll buttons and add friend button in the ReadID converation
chat frames

* Fixed a chat frame layering problem that caused all buttons for all docked frames
to display when the mouse was over the frame versus only the buttons for the visible
chat frame

Version 5.06.28

* Fixed a loader error that caused the management of the watch frame to fail if the
watch frame was not initialized before the PLAYER_LOGIN event

* Changed info panel load sequence to execute off PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD versus
PLAYER_LOGIN to ensure WoW UI elements and addons are properly initialized

* Modified info panel exception handler to preserve stack trace for debugging

* Added the conversation button to the list of managed chat frame buttons

* Modified size and location of edit frame chat box to ensure is does not overlap
chat frame controls

Version 5.06.27

* Fixed chat frame integration so that when a new chat window is created, it is
correctly anchored and sized including the layering and position of the edit box.
This should correct issues with both BNet and whisper frames as well as the auto-
join guild recruitment channel.

* Changed chat frame edit box layering to try and ensure the edit box is always
layered highey than the chat frame itself (this cannot account for any changes a
chat addon may make)

* Changed info panel initialization to occur at PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event rather than
the PLAYER_LOGIN event to ensure integrated addons have had time to initialize
properly. This change addresses a problem in starting Skada for some users.

* Added exception handling to the nUI_InfoPanel engine so that broken info panel plugins
will not cause the nUI load itself to break (a la the 3.3.5 patch nightmare)

Version 5.06.26

* Fixed a bug in the nUI_InfoPanel_CombatLog that tried to hide the minimize button
when it may not actually exist and threw a RegisterStateDriver error

* Moved the button frame in the chat frames to make sure it does not overlap the
resize widget in the bottom right corner of the chat frame

* Fixed a logic error in nUI_InfoPanel_Skada that caused the infomation panel loader
to create a panel for Skada even when Skada was not installed or was disabled

Version 5.06.25

* Hot fix... the Skada fix works if you have Skada installed, but breaks if Skada is
not installed... gee... guess I should have tested that the fixes didn't break
anything when Skada wasn't present, huh? /sigh

Version 5.06.24

* Added a backdrop to the chat frame edit box to provide a clean overlay for the
background text and hid the default frame so it does not interfere with the background
text when not entering new chat text.

* Moved the chat frame edit box up to waste a bit less space at the top of the frame.

* Removed nUI's manipulation of the chat frame font size so the font size is set by
the new chat settings menu

* Fixed loader logic error in the nUI_InfoPanel_Skada module so Skada integrates with
nUI again by default.

* Added setting of the buttonSide value in each chat frame to prevent BNet from throwing
errors when a realID friend logs off

* Fixed the layout of chat tabs if you have more than three chat frames anchored to
the default chat frame.

Version 5.06.23

* Fixed an error thrown when a member of your RealID friend list logs in

* Fixed a "Frame is not movable" error thrown when you have extra chat frames enabled

* Fixed anchoring of chat edit boxes in a chat frames

* Removed chat edit box from combat log

Version 5.06.22

* Updated for WoW patch 3.3.5

* Fixed loader problem with the new chat frames

Version 5.06.21

* Fixed a logic error in the nUI_Buttons module that caused spell cooldowns to not
update while the spell was active on the current target if the spell duration option
( /nui bar duration ) was disabled on the action bars.

Version 5.06.20

* Fixed a upper console anchoring issue that broke detection of FuBar and other LDB
addons with top bars

Version 5.06.19

* Fixed the location of the player and cursor coordinates in the world map when the
map changes between full screen and windowed modes

* Fixed a problem with the nUI_Movers logic in the micro-menu bar that prevented the
bar from being moved when the movers were active.

Version 5.06.18

* Added a trap to the key binding logic to prevent an error being thrown if the current
binding set is undefined.

* Fixed a logic error in the nUI_MicroMenu module which could cause issues when trying
to overload the micro menu location via a plugin.

* Added the ability for health, power and status bars to collapse to, and expand from,
their horizontal and vertical centers. (with thanks to Belechannas)

Version 5.06.17

* Fixed a anchoring error in the nUI_HUD module that caused the HUD selector button to
be anchored to both the top center of the viewport and the top center of the micro
menu which broke the '/nui movers' function for the micro menu.

* Fixed a logic error in the nUI_SpecialBars modules that made the mover for the pet,
shapeshift and stance bars too small to see

* Modified nUI_ChatFrame module to not attempt to set or alter the chat frame text size
if either Prat or Chatter is installed

* Corrected a logic error in the nUI_Button module that caused the cooldown counter to
not update if the '/nui bar durations' option was used to turn off spell duration
counters on the action bars

Version 5.06.16

* Changed nUI's layout engine loader logic to key off of the ADDON_LOADED event
rather than the VARIABLES_LOADED event to solve the loader reliability issue that
has been the key focus of the last several updates.

Version 5.06.15

* Added traps to prevent passing nil numbers into CooldownFrame_StartTimer from nUI to
correct a nil number comparison error in the action bars

* Fixed a logic error in the nUI_UnitAura module that would throw a nil table value
error if auras are detected before the module is initialized (logging in while in
combat, etc.)

Version 5.06.14

* Fixed an error in the nUI_Splash module that was throwing a nil error if the
player character's name is not available when the PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event fires

Version 5.06.13

* Updated German localization (thank you Marcel)

* Fixed an error in the nUI_UnitLabel module that threw an exception when in random
dungeons or battlefields and another player's name was not yet available

* Fixed an error in the nUI_ChatFrame module that throws a nil reference error for
some players when initializing the chat frame (thank you for running that down Xrystal)

* Fixed an error in nUI_MicroMenu that threw a nil anchor error for some users when
loging into the game

Version 5.06.12

* Changed logic for unit health and power to ensure all units update at the maximum
rate including the new boss frames

* Fixed an error throwing a nil value exception in nUI_MicroMenu.lua at line 236

Version 5.06.11

* Fixed a problem with key bindings not being restored to the default Blizzad action
bars on logout.

* I *think* this patch fixes the problem with the prompt for switching from character
specific key bindings to account wide key bindings.

* Added the dungeon completion alert frame to nUI's movers so it does not overlap the
action bars when displayed and to make it moveable.

* Added boss frames to nUI's unit panels -- currently located directly below the
upper console -- not the best location, but the only one that works for now.

Version 5.06.10

* Resolved a loop in the key binding logic that caused repeating key binding notices
while in combat

* I'm confident we may actually have finally fixed the key bindings not being present
at login issue with this release... changed how nUI's key bindings are initialized
and early testing among some users with the problem have shown promise.

* Located a taint problem with key bindings causing the action bars to break while in
combat when changing stances, forms, stealth, etc. I do not know if this is the only
bug related to that problem, so it may not be fixed for everyone. We'll see.

Version 5.06.09

* Modified key binding logic, yet again, in hopes of mitigating the problems further...
however, key bindings do remain a problem /sigh

* Reverse key bindings for the action bars to the left and right of the unit frames to
match the bindings in the Blizzard interface. Not sure when VerticalMultiBar3 and
VerticalMultiBar4 changed places, but nUI now matches them correclty.

* Changed the initialization of the chat frame to account for a load issue in the
Blizzard loader causing a "attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value" error in
line 214 of nUI's nUI_ChatFrame.lua code.

Version 5.06.08

* Taking a stab at fixing the key binding issues for Druids and Rogues -- I don't know
if this is a fix or not. Hoping it is. Feedback is requested.

* Added the Boss Target Frames to nUI's list of managed Blizzard frames

Version 5.06.07

* Fixed an experience bar error that throws an error if you hit level 79 with enough
rested XP to reach past level 80

* Moved the location of the dungeon difficulty flag into the location box so it does
not overlap the tracking icon on the minimap

* Fixed the party role indicators on the unit frames

* Modified the size and location of the quest watch frame to make room for the quest
number indicators on the left and eliminate wasted space on the right

Version 5.06.06 (EBF)

* This update is an emergency bug fix to address an error introduced into nUI_UnitRole
by the addition of the new Blizzard tank/healer/damage role icons to the unit frames

Version 5.06.05

* Added new World Map Frame to the list of movable frames

* Modified how unit health is updated to address an issue where player, pet and/or
target health bars are not always updated

* Added the Looking for Raid and Looking for Dungeon frames to the nUI movable frames

* Tweaked the location of the top console slightly -- moving it up to remove some of
the dead space that's been bothering me forever by that I keep putting off doing
anything about ~grin~

* Fixed an issue that caused raid leader, tank and off-tank icons to not display
on unit frames

* Added new Blizzard tank, healer and damage role icons to unit frames

* Removed the new Looking For Raid/Dungeon icon out of the button bag to the top
center of the minimap.

* Added integration of ChocolateBar in the same fashion ad Titan Panel and FuBar with
thanks to Brillynt for having done the integration work

* Fixed the map coordinate display in the world map to account for the new map layout

* Added detection of Prat 3.3 to the chat frame integration to fix an error being
thrown when Prat 3.3 is installed with nUI

* Added the party member background frame to the list of Blizzard frames nUI manages

* Fixed a bug introduced by Blizzard in Patch 3.3 where the alpha level of models is
being reset to 1 when the user interface is hidden and reshown (a la open/close map
and zoning, etc.) This broke the '/nui anim' option's ability to disable animation
in the unit frames.

Version 5.06.04

* Released for WoW Patch 3.3

Version 5.06.03 (PTR)

* Increased the frame strata level for the chat frame edit box to ensure that the edit
box is always over the chat frame text.

* Added detection of Prat-3.0 to the chat frame customization to allow Prat's management
of the chat frame edit box to override nUI's management.

* Changed how the chat frame edit box is scaled to improve readability for those who
enabled the "Use UI Scale" video option and use a scale other than 1.0

* Removed the '/nui watchframe' command -- no longer needed with the new watch frame

* Added the new watch frame to the nUI movers

* Added the new Looking for Dungeons button to the micro menu

Version 5.06.02 (PTR)

* Fixed a new error introduced in nUI_Minimap.lua resulting from a Bliz change in the
management of the minimap

Version 5.06.01 (PTR)

* Added a color code in the casting bar (bright red) to indicate spell casts that
cannot be interrupted

Version 5.06.00 (PTR)

* First cut at the new public test realm.

* Fixed a load error in nUI.lua referencing TargetOfTargetFrame which appears to have
gone away or become optional

* Fixed a load error in nUI_Movers.lua with frames that do not current exist in the PTR

Version 5.05.03 (Release)

* Fixed a localization problem for the koKR localization which was causing a conflict
with the zhTW localization.

* Fixed an error in nUI_UnitCasting which would throw an exception if the target was
deselected between the time the casting change was flagged and the update

Version 5.05.02 (Release)

* Fixed an integration issue between nUI and Titan Panel where the two mods were
fighting over management of the bag locations when openning bags. Note... since this
patch was made, Titan has also been updated to add an option to turn off Titan's
management of the bag locations via the right-click options settings in Titan.

* Fixed a logic error in the advanced objectives tracking management in nUI so that the
tracking window is now correctly sized and located when nUI is initially installed.

* Added a new slash command '/nui watchframe' which allows the user to manally reset
the size and location of the advanced objectives tracking frame should the location
be lost or otherwise problematic. By default nUI only sets the size and location of
the frame once when the player logs in on a character for the first time... after
that the player and relocate the frame as they see fit. This option allows them to
reset the location to the nUI default at any time after the initial login.

Version 5.05.01 (Release)

* Added a patch for integrating the default WoW 3.2 Blizzard Shaman totem bar into nUI

* Fixed a problem with the battlefield minimap which prevented it from being included
in the information panel as it should be which was caused by a new bug Blizzard
introduced in the LoadAddOn() method for load on demand addons. /sigh

* Added a new slash command '/nui bar totems' to allow players with a Shaman to control
whether or not the default Blizzard totem bar is displayed. nUI uses the default
Blizzard totem bar for Shamans. If you would prefer to use an alternate addon for
totems, the '/nui bar totems' option can be used to cause nUI to hide the default
totem bar.

* Fixed a few logic errors in nUI_Movers.lua which were causing some taint issues.

Version 5.05.00 (Release)

* Updated the TOC for WoW patch 3.2

Version 5.04.00 (Release)

* This is an release cut of nUI as of development version 5.03.13

Version 5.03.13 (Development)

* This update fixes a problem with fonts for nUI users who are using the Russian
localization file.

Version 5.03.12 (Development)

* Updated Spanish localization file (thank you Jose)

* Added new font options to improve readability. Still need to add a GUI panel for the
player to use to change fonts in-game. For now, see the appropriate localization file
in [ Interface > Addons > nUI > Main ]

* Added a new feature to the action bars... when you have an active target, or you are
in combat, any button on your action bar which is unusable, is on cooldown or is
active on the target is dimmed to indicate that is cannot be cast at present, or does
not need to be cast. Any spell which can be cast, is not in cooldown and is not active
on the target (or yourself) is displayed at full brightness. This acts as a quick
visual cue as to which actions you should/could be using at present.

* Added a new slash command '/nui bar dimming' to toggle the new action button dimming
feature on and off.

* Added a new slash command '/nui bar dimalpha {n}' which allows the player to set a
custom alpha level for action buttons that are currently dimmed. The default is 30%
or &apos;/nui bar dimalpha 0.30&apos; -- valid values are 0 < {n} <= 1 where 0 is fully
transparent and 1 is fully opaque (the same as turning off the dimming feature).
Note that you cannot use an opactity of 0 as that does have special meaning to the
action button logic.

* Fixed a logic error in nUI_StatusBar which threw an error when the bar was oriented
to grow from the top down

* Added tick tracking to the health and power bars to visually indicate how much health
and/or power was gained or lost since the last bar update.

* Added a new slash command &apos;/nui bar mouseover&apos; which when active causes nUI&apos;s action
bars to be hidden unless and until you mouse over them.

* Tweaked nUI_Button module to correct an issue showing the Pally judgment spells on
the action buttons correctly.

Version 5.03.11 (Development)

* Fixed a taint error caused by opening the world map while in combat

* Replaced the nUI button bag button icon with the nUI logo

* Fixed cooldown graphic on Death Knight runes

* Moved cooldown timers on DK runes and modified rune transparency on cooldown to
improve visibility of the type of rune on cooldown

* Fixed a logic error on DK runes that displayed all of the cooldown timers on the
first rune in the bar if timers are disabled.

* Fixed an error in the nUI_Button module which threw an exception in UnitIsUnit while
in a battleground

* Fixed an addon configuration error which caused the nUI load to log errors in the
FrameXML log "Unknown frame type: Binding"

* Fixed an addon configuration error which caused nUI&apos;s bindings to not function as
expected on systems that use case sensitive file names

Version 5.03.10 (Development)

* We&apos;re on a roll tonight /sigh -- another EBF for the new trinket code

Version 5.03.09 (Development)

* This is an EBF to fix a typo in the new trinket cooldown entries in the cooldown bar.

Version 5.03.08 (Development)

* Added cooldowns for usable equipped items to the cooldown bar (trinkets, etc.)

* Enhanced action bar counters to use strong color cues to compress information. When
the player has a spell cast (HOT or DOT) on a target and that spell is still on
cooldown, the time remaining on the *spell* (not the cooldown) is displayed in
purple. Once the cooldown expires, or if there is no cooldown, the time remaining
on the *spell* is displayed in bright blue (cyan). If the spell is on cooldown but
is not currently active on the target, the cooldown time remaining is displayed in
yellow until the last ten seconds of the cooldown when it shows in red. A visual
explanation of the color scheme can be found at nUI&apos;s support forum...


* Fixed a tooltip error in the nUI_PetFeeder module which caused all of the food items
in the feeder window to display the same tooltip.

* added a new slash command &apos;/nui bar cooldown&apos; -- This option is used to turn the
display of cooldowns (displayed in yellow on the action bar) on and off. By default
this feature is enabled.

* added a new slash command &apos;/nui bar duration&apos; -- By default, when you cast a spell
on a target, the time remaining on the spell is displayed in blue on the action bar.
This option turns that timer feature off.

* added a new slash command &apos;/nui bar macro&apos; -- When you place a custom macro on the
action bar, nUI display&apos;s the macro&apos;s name on the button. This option will turn that
display on and off.

* added a new slash command &apos;/nui bar stackcount&apos; -- nUI normally displays the stack
counts of inventory items that are on your action bars in the lower right corner of
the button. This option can be used to turn that display on and off.

* added a new slash command &apos;/nui bar keybind&apos; -- When you have a key bound to an
action button, the key name is normally displayed in the top left corner of the
button. This option can be used to turn that display on and off.

* Fixed an error in nUI_Button.lua which threw an exception trying to compare a string
with a number on some characters at login.

* Removed the health and power text values from the simple HUD that were accidentally
left there in the 5.03.07 release.

Version 5.03.07 (Development)

* Modified the tooltip change made in 5.03.06 as it was conflicting with most tooltip
addons and causing the tooltips to "jump" between locations -- this should be fixed

* Made some changes in the nUI_Button.lua module to try and fix a bug introduced in
5.03.06 which was causing "invalid spell slot" errors and causing UnitIsUnit() to
throw invalid unit ID errors.

* Fixed a bug in nUI_Button.lua where it would throw and exception of (for some who
knows what reason) an aura on the target didn&apos;t have an ID for who cast the aura

* Updated the Russian localization file (with thanks to StingerSoft)

Version 5.03.06 (Development)

* Added HOT and DOT timers to the action bars. Cooldowns are now displayed in yellow
until the last 10 seconds of the cooldown, then the become red, as before. However,
regardless of whether or not there&apos;s a cooldown on the action, if the spell associated
with the action button is active on the current target, the time remaining before
the spell expires is displayed in bright blue (cyan) counting down to zero.

* Added a new slash command &apos;/nui hud cdmin {n}&apos; which sets the minimum amount of time
required for a spell to be displayed on the cooldown bar when it first begins the
cooldown. If the initial cooldown period is less than {n}, it won&apos;t display. The
default value is &apos;/nui hud cdmin 2&apos;

* Fixed an error in the pet feeder which would throw an exception if you had more than
one stack of the same food in your bags when you tried to open the feed pet window

* Fixed a German localization error where a "DEAD" player was reported as "TOD" (DEATH)
instead of "TOT" (DEAD)

* Removed the healthrace bar from the Player/Target and Health/Power HUD modes since it
is largely redundant in those applications.

* Added raid target icon to the "Simple HUD" mode -- located bottom center just above the
healthrace bar

* Added player and target debuffs to the "Simple HUD" mode -- located to the left and
right of the health race bar.

* Fixed a logic error in the new event engine in nUI_UnitPvP which causes the PvP flag
not to be removed from the unit frame once it has been displayed regardless of whether
or not the unit is still flagged for PvP

* Added enhanced unit information to the mouseover unit tooltip

* Added unit&apos;s target to the tooltip for all unit frames

* Added coloring of unit&apos;s health and power values in the unit frame tooltips according
to the same color using in their health bars for a quick visual indication of their
overall health/power

* Fixed a logic error in the new event engine for nUI_UnitFeedback which was preventing
the hit/heal indicators and some other feedback features from functioning as designed

* Added a trap for an odd error in obtaining the current threat situation on a unit in
nUI_UnitFeedback that threw an error if you dropped target in the 1/30th of a second
(or less) between when the feedback update was initiated and when the threat check
was performed.

Version 5.03.05 (Development)

* Fixed a logic error in nUI_UnitRaidSort which would cause the raid sort to fail and
never execute if the raid roster changed while in combat lockdown. This should also
address an unreported taint bug, as well.

* Added an option to sort raids by player name as well as group, class or unit id.

* Added the voice chat frame to nUI&apos;s list of managed frames. The default location for
the frame has been set immediately above the vehicle seat indicator on the right edge
of the user display, slightly above center.

* Fixed combo point display for druis in cat form

* Fixed combo point display for vehicles that use combo points in the actions

* Fixed a tooltip error in nUI_UnitPvP that either showed an empty tooltip or threw
and error when the cursor moved over the PvP icon in the unit frame.

* Fixed an error with the advanced objectives watch frame which broke the frame when
nUI management of the minimap is enabled.

* Moved the default location of the advanced objectives watch frame to the upper left
of the user interface. nUI will only locate the watch frame the first time the user
logs in on each character... the frame can then be permanently moved using the built
in lock/unlock and mouseover features of the frame. Note: If game settings are not
being maintained on each character individually, you may need to log in on all of
your characters before attempting to set a permanent location for the frame other
than the nUI default.

* Fixed a logic error in the &apos;/nui calendar&apos; slash command that caused it to fail to
work as expected the first time the player uses the command.

* Moved the calendar to the bottom of the minimap and modified its size slightly to
avoid conflict with the action bars and to improve the calendar&apos;s visibility when
the &apos;/nui calendar&apos; option is used to disable nUI management of the calendar.

* Fixed a logic error introduced in 5.03.03 in nUI_UnitReadyCheck that caused it to fail
to clear the icons in the unit frames when the ready check was complete

* Fixed a logic error introduced in 5.03.03 in nUI_UnitRange which caused the range
indicator to not correctly update once the initial range had been calculated

* Fixed a logic error in the casting bars which caused the bars to not be displayed in
even though a cast was active in situations where the player is being spammed with
interrupts or pushbacks.

* Entirely removed generation of dynamic memory from the following modules as well
as changed how the callback notification system is engaged in order to reduce load
on the event engine and update thread: nUI_UnitCasting

Version 5.03.04 (Development)

* Fixed a bug introduced in the Death Knight&apos;s runes by the changes made in the 5.03.03
development update&apos;s rewrite of the event engine.

* Fixed a bug introduced in the unit frame tooltips where the party/raid role was
repeated until it filled the screen -- also introduced in the 5.03.03 rewrite of the
event engine.

Version 5.03.03 (Development)

* Added unit health and power to the unit tooltips

* Added Poisoner to the list of minimap buttons nUI does not try to manage... this will
allow Poisoner users to locate this button anywhere they need it and stil have access
to it in combat without openning the button bag.

* Fixed a logic error in the button bag code which would cause buttons to become
unclickable in certain circumstances.

* Added a new slash command &apos;/nui calendar&apos; -- By default, nUI moves the guild calendar
button from the minimap into the button bag. This option toggles that on and off
allowing for leaving the guild calendar displayed on the minimap.

* Fixed a logic error in nUI_BagBar that caused it to ignore the mouseover visibility
option when the UI is initially loaded.

* Fixed a logic error in the XP bar that would throw an error if the player hit level
79 with more than a full rested level remaining.

* Tweaked the nUI_SysInfo module to display the top ten memory users in the tooltip
rather than the top three.

* Entirely removed generation of dynamic memory from the following modules as well
as changed how the callback notification system is engaged in order to reduce load
on the event engine and update thread: nUI, nUI_Location, nUI_PetFeeder, nUI_SysInfo,
nUI_Button, nUI_CooldownBar, nUI_UnitComboPoints, nUI_UnitFeedback, nUI_UnitFrame,
nUI_UnitGCD, nUI_UnitHappiness, nUI_UnitHealth, nUI_UnitLabel, nUI_UnitLevel,
nUI_UnitPortrait, nUI_UnitPower, nUI_StatusBar, nUI_UnitPvP, nUI_UnitRaidGroup,
nUI_UnitRaidTarget, nUI_UnitRange, nUI_UnitReaction, nUI_UnitReadyCheck,
nUI_UnitResting, nUI_UnitRole, nUI_UnitRunes, nUI_UnitStatus

* As of nUI 5.03.03 the following key changes have been made in nUI&apos;s licensing terms:

nUI is no longer covered under the GNU Public License V3 and has adopted a custom
license. Copies of the complete licenses for nUI Release (aka nUI Lite) and nUI+ are
included in their distribtions. Two key points have been added in the interest of
protecting the rights of the distribution sites that have been authorized by myself
as well as my own rights and are reproduced here for emphasis...

Redistribution of the nUI Release/nUI Lite version is permitted under the
following terms... Permission is hereby granted for unlimited free and
open distribution of "nUI Release" / "nUI Lite" by anyone in any form and
by any means provided the nUI Release distribution contents are not altered
in any way, are distributed in full with all copyright statements and
licensing terms included and intact and that any interface the end user
is provided for the purpose of downloading nUI includes a plainly visible
and functioning link to nUI&apos;s official web site at http://www.nUIaddon.com
and a plainly visible notice that nUI accepts user donations with a working
link to nUI&apos;s donation page at http://www.nUIaddon.com/donate.html

Deep-linking and leeching of nUI distributions is strictly prohibited. Any
individual or entity who wishes to offer downloads of nUI distributions
must either host the legal and unmodified distribution on their own servers
to be distributed at their own expense using their own bandwidth or they must
link the user back to the official download page on the third party provider&apos;s
servers from which the user can initiate the download. Use of any download
link or mechanism which initiates a download of any nUI distribution from a
third party distribtion site that bypasses the official content and download
pages or advertisements of that third party site is strictly prohibited
without the express written consent of that site.

I do intend to agressively enforce these terms.

Version 5.03.02 (Development)

* Fixed a logic error in the nUI_UnitChange module which causes it to fail to notify
event listeners when the party or raid roster was updated in certain circumstances

* Fixed a logic error in the nUI unit change update engine which caused the performance
of the engine to degrade over time as more unit data sets were cached by the engine.

* Modified the unit event dispatch engine and update notification system to eliminate
all production of garbage memory in that system. The underlying engine now retains
and reuses all memory it consumes. (note: this process is incremental, this reduces
the garbage memory created by nUI&apos;s data engine, but does not fix it entirely as
yet given this process will need to be repeated in all of the modules in nUI before
the issue is entirely resolved)

* Entirely removed generation of dynamic memory from the following modules as well
as changed how the callback notification system is engaged in order to reduce load
on the event engine and update thread: nUI_Unit, nUI_UnitChange, nUI_UnitClass,

* Added information panel integration support for Skada

* Added &apos;/nui hud vofs {n}&apos; slash command. This option sets vertical offset of the HUD
from the center of the view port. The default is &apos;/nui hud vofs 0&apos; which places the
HUD at the vertical center of the viewport. Values less than 0 move the HUD down,
greater than 0 moves the HUD up.

* Added the timer bar to the list of movable bars... this is the bar used to show time
remaining for breath hold and exhaustion while swimming, etc.

* Implemented a fix for a conflict with TitanPanel when a bottom bar is enabled -- many
thanks to Tristanian for researching the issue and coming up with a solution.

* Fixed a logic error in the nUI_BagBar that prevented the bar from being movable via
&apos;/nui movers&apos; for many users

* Added the nUI special bar (pet/stance/shapeshift/auras) to the list of movable frames

* Fixed a logic error in the nUI_StatusBar module which was causing issues with custom
textures and displaying full bars when they should not be

* Added the ability to right-click the unit panel selector, the information panel
selector and the HUD mode selector buttons to move backwards through their respective
display modes. For example, left clicking the "Player" unit panel button will switch
to the "Party" unit panel mode. With this change, right-clicking the "Party" unit
panel button will switch back to the "Player" unit panel mode rather than having to
cycle through all of the raid panels to get back to the player mode.

* Made another change to nUI_Movers.lua to address ongoing conflicts with the new Bliz
advanced objectives tracking frame. nUI now has *zero* interaction with this frame

* Changed the vertical position of the player&apos;s aura buff bars so they do not conflict
with the settings tab in the chat frame

* Changed the anchoring the durability frame to the right edge of the display as a
result of changes made in patch 3.1 and the advanced objectives tracking

* Moved the anchor location of the vehicle seat indicator from the top center of the
display to the right edge of the display above the durability frame

* Modified nUI_UnitCasting to count down time remaining when channeling spells

Version 5.03.01

* Fixed the version number in the TOC

Version 5.03.00

* Added a new slash command &apos;/nui mountscale {n}&apos; which allows for setting a scale on
the special mount / vehicle seat indicator. This option sets the scale for the seat
indicator displayed at the top center of the display when you are on a special mount.
The default is &apos;/nui mountscale 1&apos; where 0.5 < {n} < 1.5 -- values less than 1.0
cause the indicator to be smaller, values of {n} > 1.0 increase its size.

* Removed advanced objectives quest watch frame from list of managed Bliz frames... the
frame is already movable and sizable, no need to manage it.

* Added an event handler to trap when the player changes spec&apos;s if dual spec&apos;d -- does
not yet work for party/raid members... only the player itself.

* Fixed a bug in the unit frame tooltips for raid unit frames that caused the mouseover
to display information for the wrong player after the raid frames were sorted

Version 5.02.06 (Development)

* Added a vehicle leave button to the pet/special bars for use with special mounts

* Added the vehicle seat indicator to nUI&apos;s list of managed frames and movers

* Modified nUI_UnitCasting to key on the UNIT_SPELLCAST_STOP event as the event that
clears an active casting bar to overcome a change in casting event logic introduced
in a prior Bliz patch that caused spamming the action bar to cancel the active cast
bar even though the spell was still active.

* Modified the cooldown bar audio alert logic to only allow audio alerts to play once
every two seconds and to never stack multiple audio alerts at one time (volume stack)

* Fixed a logic error in nUI_UnitAura which allowed the HOT/DOT bar to overflow its
defined maximum size if that was less than the value set by &apos;/nui maxauras {n}&apos;

* Modified the combat log to not alter the font size when the player session starts
so that player preferences are not overwritten by the nUI scale calculations

* Modified the cooldown bar to be aware of player talent spec swapping and to reset
the bar when the player changes spec.

* Fixed a bug in the &apos;/nui autogroup&apos; logic which caused it to not default to enabled

* Added sorting of raid unit frames

* Added new slash command &apos;/nui raidsort {unit|group|class}&apos; to select the type of sort
used on raid unit frames. The &apos;unit&apos; option causes the raid unit frames to be sorted
by their unit ID from raid1 to raid40. The &apos;group&apos; option causes the raid unit frames
to sort first by the raid group number then by player name within that group. The
&apos;class&apos; option causes the frames to sort first by player class, then by player name
within the class

* Added a trap for an error in nUI_UnitAura where it would throw an error if the system
detected an enchant on your weapon before the details of the enchant are available

Version 5.02.05 (Development)

* Fixed a logic error in the action bars which caused the buttons to be marked as
unavailable when they were not and visa versa.

* Updated Simplified Chinese localization files (thank you Yanwin)

* Updated Traditional Chinese localization files (thank you Yanwin)

Version 5.02.04 (Development)

* Fixed a major bug introduced in 5.02.02 which prevented the action buttons from
updating when you switched druid forms, warrior stances, rogue stealth, mounted or
dismounted a vehicle while in combat

* Fixed a bug in the new action bar code which prevented the ctrl-alt-right-click key
binding menu from working

Version 5.02.03 (Development)

* Facepalm -- I forgot to remove the comment from the vehicle menu bar after testing

Version 5.02.02 (Development)

* Fixed a layering bug in the combat log which caused the combat log filter buttons to
be under the combat log text

* Added vehicle seats to the main action bar when mounted

* Added vehicle exit button to the main action bar when mounted

* Added a check in the range indicator engine to ensure that all spells used in the
calculation have a max range that is greater than zero in an attempt to fix a range
bug introduced in 3.1 where spells are flagged as having range, but do not actually.

* Fixed a logic error in the range calculation

* Recoded the nUI action bars to try and resolve a taint issue.

* Modified the bar display logic so that possession or mounting a vehicle will override
action bar pages 2 though 5 so no matter which bar is the active page, it will now
display the spells for the possessed mob or vehicle. Note that shift-2 through
shift-5 and the action bar scroll buttons no longer work when you are in possession
of another mob/player or mounted on a vehicle.

* Added awareness of the presence of Chatter and disabled nUI&apos;s management of the chat
frame edit box if Chatter is present

* Added Russian localization (thank you Vlad)

Version 5.02.01 (Development)

* Attempted fix for filtering between player spells and non-player spells

Version 5.02.00 (Development)

* First development release for WoW patch 3.1 on the live realms

* Updated for PTR patch

* Fixed a bug in nUI_UnitLevel thrown when levelling a character using either the
Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese localization file

Version 5.01.05 (PTR Beta)

* Updated for PTR patch

* Added support for displaying agro feedback on more than one unit for off-tanks and
agro grabs, threat wipes, etc.

* Added nUI_UnitThreat module to track threat on all active and available mobs for all
relevant unit IDs -- not yet added to the HUD however

* Fixed a bug in the &apos;/nui feedback&apos; slash command that threw an error if no argument
was given

* Fixed a scaling bug in the bag bar available slots/stock count text

* Added unit frame tooltips to the same control group as action bar tooltips so the
&apos;/nui combattips&apos; option turns their display on and off depending on whether you
are in combat or out of combat. Prevents tooltips from interfering with clicking
during combat. &apos;/nui combattips&apos; toggles this behavior on and off.

Version 5.01.04 (PTR Beta)

* Updated for PTR patch

* completed compliance with Blizzard&apos;s new add-on development guidelines

* Introduced nUI+

Version 5.01.03 (PTR Beta)

* Ported nUI to PTR patch compatibility

* Fixed a bug in the Battlefield Minimap integration resulting from the new patch

* Changed HUD casting bars to show casting time rather than percent by default

* Change player, target and focus unit frame casting bars to show time rather than percent

* Changed casting bar time display to show tenths of a second

Version 5.01.02 (PTR Beta)

* Updated TOC for WoW patch 3.1

* Changed talent spec module to ignore requests for build info on the mouseover unit
which apparently causes conflicts with the tooltip engine when the player is trying
to inspect their own gear

* Added a block gap between the stance bar and pet bar when both are displayed together

* Updated nUI_UnitAura to reflect changes in the UnitAura() API return values in 3.1

* Updated French localization file (thank you Arnaud)

* Updated Spanish localization file (thank you José)

Version 5.01.01

* Removed an old debug print line the produced the odd message "using cooldown for this"
in the chat frame at seemingly random times

* Updated German localization file (thank you Marcel)

* Adjusted the size of the cooldown bar in an attempt to stop it from wrapping

* Added casting bars to the player and target unit frames in the 25 and 40 man raids

Version 5.01.00

* nUI sheds its "beta" status and goes live... /happydance

* Split nUI into two versions... the public "nUI Lite" free version and the private
"nUI Pro" version for nUI&apos;s supporters

* Added linkbacks to nUI&apos;s new web site at http://www.nUIAddOn.com

* Fixed a logic error in the &apos;/nui feedback&apos; slash command that threw an error if a
bad argument, or no argument, was given to the command.

Version 5.00.03 (Alpha)

* Yet another fix for the agro logic to prevent complex hard loops (player targets a
mob to targets a player to targets a mob who targets the original player for example)
which continued to cause WoW lockups.

* Added a new set of slash commands for the feedback system...

/nui feedback curse
/nui feedback disease
/nui feedback magic
/nui feedback poison

These options allow the player to individually disable or enable each of the four
feedback highlight types so that you can enable only those types you can dispell. By
default all four types are enabled.

Version 5.00.02 (Alpha)

* Fixed a logic error in the determination of who has current agro that caused WoW to
freeze if any unit in the target chain was targeting itself (yes, an endless loop)

* Added a new slash command &apos;/nui showhits&apos; which turns off the red/green background
highlighting on unit frames when they are taking damage or receiving heals.

* Fixed the rotation order in the unit frames to 25 man precedes 40 man

* Fixed a logic error in the aura bars where the bars failed to resize when the target
died or when switching to a new target that had no auras on it

Version 5.00.01 (Alpha)

* Ported nUI 5.0 to WoW Patch 3.1

* Added combat feedback to unit frames... shows a red background on unit frames when
the unit takes damage, a green background when it receives a heal

* Added debuff highlights to unit frames... unit frame borders highlight blue when a
magic debuff is on the unit, green when diseased, yellow when poisoned and purple
when cursed.

* Add agro indicator to unit frames... unit frame border highlights in red when the
unit is targeted by a hostile unit in the player&apos;s target chain or focus chain if
no hostile units exist in the target chain.

* Greatly improved the hit and heal indicator update frequency in the battlefield
minimap for PvP/Battleground play

* Finally found and added a fix for the annoying invisible bottom bar Titan Panel
creates. This should prevent that bar from interfering with the bottom of the dashboard

* Added the slash command &apos;/nui hud focus&apos; which toggles display of the player&apos;s focus
on and off in the HUD. By default, the HUD ignores the focus frame and displays the
player&apos;s target and target-of-target (ToT). Enabling this option will cause the HUD
to replace the player&apos;s target with the player&apos;s focus if and when the player sets a
focus. In addition, when this option is enabled, the ToT is replaced with the focus&apos;
target if a focus is set. If no focus is set, the HUD will display the target and
the ToT as per normal.

Version 5.00.00 (Alpha)

* First release

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