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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 62 (week 16, 2012) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 04-24-2012 @ 15:28
This News Item has been viewed 130,356 times

Here it is the 62st version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more, with a lot of interesting articles this week. However you can find more news from the main Gamefront site - Here including a lot of news from the Pax 2012 East which Gamefront were present. Also I'd like to apologise for the lack of an update over the past few weeks, unfortunately a few issues have arisen during this time and i haven't had enough time to do the insider (mostly personal and work related).

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further). Also I should mention that the comments section is not for complaining about the bugs of the network sites, most of these we do know about and are with the Break.com Tech Team smile, also again this is not the place for comments about the bugs, I myself do not have the ability or the knowledge to fix them, although you can use our forums to post your comments here - http://forums.filefront.com/filefront-com-help-center-1272/

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Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/GameFrontcom
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G A M E F R O N T - C O M P E T I T I O N S

Gamefront News: Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary Giveaway

Five years ago today, Turbine launched Lord of the Rings Online. Since then, the game has changed a lot. It’s gone from subscription to free-to-play and added multiple expansions. With the Riders of Rohan expansion looming on the horizon, Turbine is taking a break from the preparations to celebrate their fifth anniversary. In conjunction with that celebration, we’ve partnered up with Turbine to give you a chance to win some awesome LotRO prizes.

We’re giving away three awesome LotRO prizes this week, and all you have to do to enter is tell us why you love Turbine’s Tolkien MMO. Here are the prizes:

1st Place: A lifetime subscription to Lord of the Rings Online
2nd Place: A boxed Mithril Edition of Lord of the Rings Online
3rd Place: 5,000 Turbine Points to spend in the LotRO Store
All you need to do to win is drop a comment below (the link below not on this page) telling us why you love LotRO. Remember, we need a valid email address in the appropriate field so we can contact you if you win. All comments made before 11:59 PM Thursday, April 26 are eligible to win. We’ll be randomly selecting the three winners on Friday, and announcing them here. So what are you waiting for? Get busy commenting!

Also, you should check out this awesome anniversary trailer:


Read: Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary Giveaway


Gamefront News: Comment of the Week: Tribes Leaves Scars

In the commment thread for our Tribes: Ascend Spinfusor Giveway, user “Konradov” contributed this hilarious, darkly comedic take on his time with Tribes:

“The first time I played Tribes was years ago. I hated it. No idea what I’m doing, flying everywhere and I don’t even know.

Hit something? Please.
I had to start with ‘See something.’

It’s ok now though. It’s all ok.”

No doubt many other readers have had the same experience. I, for one, intend to try Tribes for the first time this weekend, and I expect it to be traumatic. If I ever get down on myself after a particularly ignominious death, though, I’ll think of Konradov, and know that things will be “OK” eventually.

Read: Comment of the Week: Tribes Leaves Scars

Gamefront News: Mass Effect 3 Dropped to $30 on All Platforms Today Only at Amazon

Today only, you can order Mass Effect 3 from Amazon for $30, down from $60, on any platform: PC, PS3, or Xbox 360.

If you’re into multiplayer, you probably don’t want to pick up the PS3 version, because BioWare’s biweekly bonus rewards weekends aren’t currently available on the PSN — which is Sony’s fault, not BioWare’s.

In case you’re concerned about all the negative energy circling around the game’s ending, BioWare may already be working on retconning it after releasing their “clarification” DLC, and the game is otherwise excellent.

Given you can import you progress from Mass Effect 2 to influence some aspects of ME3, you may want to take a look at the ME2 Save Editor, which will allow you to create a Saved Game from the ground up if you either haven’t played ME2 or since deleted your save.

Read: Mass Effect 3 Dropped to $30 on All Platforms Today Only at Amazon

Gamefront News: Serious Sam 3: BFE Gets a Massive Discount, Mac Support

Guess what, Mac users! We know you’ve been stuck without your Serious Sam 3: BFE fix for quite some time now, but if you haven’t already bought a PC to render yourself capable of playing the game, good news: the game now supports Macs.

Croteam sent around a quick press release with the news, noting that the game has been updated through Steam to support both platforms. Further good news: If you mean to buy Serious Sam 3 through Steam for Mac, or if you haven’t yet picked it up for PC, now’s a good time to do so. The game currently is on sale to promote the new version, to the tune of 60 percent off.

That’s right, hit this link to grab Serious Sam 3: BFE for just over $13. The Deluxe edition, which includes Serious Sam Classic: First Encounter and Serious Sam Classic: Second Encounter, is just $17. Get on that.

Read: Serious Sam 3: BFE Gets a Massive Discount, Mac Support


Gamefront News: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare On PC Confirmed Via Steam Registry

As Alan Wake has already been ported to PC, and very successfully we might add, it would seem inevitable that Alan Wake’s American Nightmare would soon follow. Even so, there’s been no official announcement of any such port. And there’s no longer any need. DSOGaming has unearthed a steam registry that clearly proves we’ll soon be seeing it. Rather than belabor the point, here it is:

App ID 202754
Last Updated 2012-04-23 22:56:35
Name alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty
Installation Directory alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty
Minimum Cache Size 104
Maximum Cache Size 104
Launch Options
Description Default
Command Line alan wakes american nightmare thirdparty
Icon Index 0
No Desktop Shortcut false
No Start Menu Shortcut false
Long Running Unattended false
On First Launch -1
Is Bandwidth Greedy true
Versions (show) Hidden
Current Version ID 0
Trickle Version ID -1
User Defined
Beta Version Password foo
Beta Version ID -1
Legacy Installation Dir
Skip MFP Overwrite false
Use Filesystem DVR false
Manifest Only App false
App of Manifest Only Cache 202750

Read: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare On PC Confirmed Via Steam Registry

Gamefront News: ArenaNet Has Guild Wars 2 Plans ‘For Years To Come’

Guild Wars 2 still doesn’t have a release date or even a release quarter nailed down- for all we know, ArenaNet will end up postponing it to 2014 – but that doesn’t mean the developer hasn’t planned out a lot for the upcoming MMO. As it turns out, A LOT of plans. Arena Net Senior VP Randall Price told Eurogamer in an interview that they got this thing mapped out through at least the next presidential term. “You may not realise this,” he said, (and he’s right, I don’t!), “but we have development plans in our back pocket for literally years to come.”

So, like what? Well, Price continued, they’re anticipating updates to the game months in advance. “[T]he medium-term goals will relate to things along the line of the patches that will come out post-release of the game,” he said, “and the cadence that we’re going to get into around that, and the way that we’re going to be dividing our team between different disciplines to be able to continue to punch out incredible content for people.” Um… ok, that’s vague but cool. But what else? “We today know a number of the high-level features that we’re going to do, and expansion content for years to come,” he said.

“No, it’s not drilled down in a way that is – it’s all at the five-thousand foot level and above, from a big picture [perspective]. But every month we go through time, we get closer and it gets down and, OK, now we’re actually creating content for it… [E]even from our standpoint we’ve got years of work, of great work, that players are going to be able to enjoy. We’re launching a service – you don’t launch a box and be done with it. We have years of awesome, fun work ahead of us.”

So, in practical terms, this means they have lots of… stuff on the way. Cool stuff. Stuff they can’t talk about in specific terms yet. Good to know. They’re probably just focused on the pre-purchase that launched on April 10. Sales from that will give them an idea of how many customers to expect, and likely will determine how much final investment they throw into the game. And vague is probably good. Price probably doesn’t want to accidentally say something like “In Guild Wars 2, the endings can be a lot more different. At this point we’re taking into account so many decisions that you’ve made as a player and reflecting a lot of that stuff”. Still, a bit strange that we still don’t have a release date. Hurry that up, ok guys? And try to have this thing at E3.

Read: ArenaNet Has Guild Wars 2 Plans ‘For Years To Come’

Gamefront News: Black Ops 2 to Have Near-Future Setting?

The Call of Duty website is teasing a May 1st announcement for the next installment in its annual series, and evidence in the form of a video link suggests the game will have a near-future setting.

The game, which is likely to be Black Ops 2 based on various leaks, will include in its arsenal a weapon similar to the “Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun,” as showcased by the FPS Russian in his YouTube video.

Check out the video:

The FPS Russian’s insistence on the technology not being out for 10-15 years suggests that the game itself will take place in the near future. The weapon, which sounds like a kill streak reward, boasts a submachine gun and 100 round magazine, along with a self-destruct payload with a 15-foot blast radius.

Can I get a flamethrower attachment?

Read: Black Ops 2 to Have Near-Future Setting?

Gamefront News: BioWare Bailing Water; SWTOR Server Mergers a Possibility

While SWTOR subscriber numbers allegedly have not dropped, the number of concurrent users online at peak times clearly has, with only one server (Fatman) maintaining a healthy population. Because of this, BioWare is considering server mergers, something fans stuck on “light” population servers have been clamoring for for some time.

BioWare’s Daniel Erickson spoke to PC Gamer about the future of the game, stating that the team is doing “anything and everything” to bring that concurrent users number up — an admission both alarming in its transparency and comforting in knowing that BioWare is trying to deal with the issue.

Erickson said:

“Nothing is off the table when it comes to making sure our communities are strong and active on each server.”

He explained that while server mergers are in the cards, they are not a priority — it seems BioWare may still having an ace up its sleeve.

Are you in favor of server mergers?

Read: BioWare Bailing Water; SWTOR Server Mergers a Possibility

Gamefront News: Brink Devs Moving to F2P, Unveil Strategy Action Game (VID)

Brink developer Splash Damage is looking to fund, develop, operate and publish its own free-to-play games, and has already unveiled a new F2P title known as RAD Soldiers.

Speaking to Gamasutra,
Splash Damage explained its overall goal to offer gamers connected online experiences that are both high-quality and free-to-play.

CEO Paul Wedgwood said:

“You have this market of gamers, whether they’re playing on iPhones or on PCs, who for most part are being exploited by absolute free-to-play crap through compulsion loop mechanics, paywalls and pay-to-win strategies which serve nobody well.”

He went on to explain how the presence of this “crap” on the market has created a unique opportunity:

“So there’s both an opportunity for us to create stuff that is really good quality that we really love making that isn’t exploitative free-to-play crap, but at the same time to produce the types of games that large publishers wouldn’t option – they simply wouldn’t be the kinds of things that they’d want to make. Perhaps because the kind of money that they’d make wouldn’t be enough to turn their lights on.”

Splash Damage also unveiled its first F2P title, RAD Soldiers, a turn-based strategy action game that promises to be “high-quality”, with connected experiences set to be one one of the game’s key aspects. It’ll be coming soon to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Check out the trailer:

Read: Brink Devs Moving to F2P, Unveil Strategy Action Game (VID)

Gamefront News: Call of Duty news teased for May 1, Black Ops 2 expected

The next Call of Duty game looks set for reveal on May 1, and signs are pointing to an official Black Ops followup. Black Ops 2 has been rumored for most of this year, and given how well it performed, it’s unsurprising that Treyarch would want to continue its run.

CallofDuty.com has the tease, stating the “World Reveal” would air during the basketball playoffs on TNT. It also has a number of “Classified” links that are scheduled to open and show clues on specific days. The first one bears the fuzzy image above, with others set to be unleashed in the lead to the television presentation.

NeoGAF has uncovered references to Black Ops 2 in the site’s source code, which further corroborates the idea that such a sequel is in the making.

So there you go, another Call of Duty on the horizon. It’s hardly a shock at this point, right?

Read: Call of Duty news teased for May 1, Black Ops 2 expected

Gamefront News: California Man Makes Worlds Greatest Flight Sim In Garage

Sure, we’ve all dreamed of building a genuine cabinet arcade in our garages, or some similarly awesome home video game system beyond what our consoles and PCs are capable of providing aesthetically. Set those dreams aside, everyone, because you’ll never measure up to James Price of Pleasanton, California. After three years of hard work and spending what must have been an obscene amount of money, Price has officially created the world’s most impressive flight simulator.

The lengths to which he went are astounding. He actually purchased a derelict Lufthansa fleet Boeing 737, presumably with his own money. After some time spent keeping the plane in a hanger in nearby Livermore, he finally took the entire nose and cockpit section, gutted it, and put it in his garage. Authentic Boeing parts were added, and finally a very accurate visual simulator installed (all the cockpit’s windows are screens), and as he puts it, he can ‘fly anywhere in the world’.

Here’s a video courtesy of Mercury News:

27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=9,0,47,0">

Read: California Man Makes Worlds Greatest Flight Sim In Garage

Gamefront News: Darksiders 2 Delayed to August

Darksiders 2′s release has been pushed back from June to August 2012, as per a new post on the game‘s official blog. This delay allegedly has nothing to do with any other platform releases, such as the Wii U’s launch, nor with the recent layoffs at Vigil Games, and no content will be cut from the game in order to meet the new deadline.

Select quote from the blog:

The rumor-mill has been churning with speculation recently, so we wanted to put it to rest first here with our core fans: Darksiders II will be moving to release globally in August 2012, rather than June as previously announced. It’s just a short delay, but we promise the game you’ll have in August will be well worth the wait!

The developers sound adamant about delaying the game no further than August; let’s hope they make the best of the two months and release a fantastic game.

Read: Darksiders 2 Delayed to August

Gamefront News: Dead Space 3 and NFS: Most Wanted 2 Leaked? (RUMOR)

A South African retailer has allegedly ousted two unannounced sequels from development lockdown: Dead Space 3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2. Before you scoff and bring up Nigerian princes, do know that this retailer has previously exposed plans for the Jak & Daxter HD Collection and multiplayer support in Mass Effect 3 through premature announcements. While this does not prove that Dead Space 3 and NFS: MW2 are anything more than rumors, the source has proven reliable in the past — or unreliable, if you’re a developer.

The BT Games preorder pages for Dead Space 3 and NFS: Most Wanted 2 have since bee taken down, but not before the damage was done.

If the rumor is true, which title are you looking forward to most? Could NFS: Most Wanted 2 be the Need for Speed 13 that was leaked in January?

Read: Dead Space 3 and NFS: Most Wanted 2 Leaked? (RUMOR)

Gamefront News: “Diablo III: The Order” Novel Preview and Preorder

Here’s the good news: Amazon preorders are now available for the next novel in the Diablo universe, Diablo III: The Order, for $16.63.

Here’s the bad news: Diablo III: The Order hits shelves May 15th, alongside the game itself. The agonizing decision about whether to play or read will be ten time’s worse than Sophie’s Choice.

Diablo III: The Order follows Deckard Cain’s quest to find the Horadrim and takes place years before the events of the forthcoming game. Accompanying him on his quest is his niece Leah, then eight years old.

Head over to the official website for a Chapter 2 excerpt.

Read: “Diablo III: The Order” Novel Preview and Preorder

Gamefront News: Digital Storm Debuts the Marauder Line for PC Gamers

Digital Storm is introducing a new line of gaming PCs built around the Corsair C70 case. Named the Marauder, this line ranges from $800 to $1300, with even the lowest-end option delivering solid gaming performance and great all-round processing power.

Sadly, the ammo belt and box is not included.

Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s Director of Product Development, said:

“With this new line, we’ve set a new standard for the price versus performance ratio. Our engineers have always wanted to create a line of powerful gaming PCs that are within reach of every gamer. With complete systems starting at $799, this is the very first time Digital Storm has offered such an affordable gaming PC.”

Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Components Business Unit at Corsair, said:

“Digital Storm is known for building dream PCs with leading-edge technology, uncompromising quality, and aggressive styling. So we are extremely honored that Digital Storm has selected the Corsair Vengeance C70 case as the perfect foundation for their new Marauder PCs.”

Read: Digital Storm Debuts the Marauder Line for PC Gamers

Gamefront News: EA Borgifying All Brands Into ‘Online Universes’

EA gets called a lot of things. Most recently, Consumerist labeled them the worst company in America. That was… a little harsh, I admit; as Jim Sterling pointed out, their brand of evil is rather banal compared to the super villain level stuff the truly monstrous companies get up to. But their business model, which seems to involve purchasing, then slowly absorbing smaller companies, until all of their products work on a clockwork schedule like Madden, is troublesome. “But!”, you say, “they have many subsidiaries, all of whom seem to run things as they mostly see fit!” That’s technically true, straw man I just made up. But also technically true is the charted decline in user satisfaction with some of their recent games being particularly excoriated.

Mass Effect 3′s Galactic Readiness and Multiplayer features are particular evidence that EA seems to put a lot of pressure on their subsidiaries to make their games as broadly appealing as possible regardless of whether it suits the game (and sometimes, it does!). And statements by EA’s Keith Ramsdale at the company’s UK showcase made this week indicate that this will not be abating in the future. EA, Ramsdale says, intends to turn all of their ‘brands’ into what he called ‘online universes’, by which he means playing ‘the brand’ on more than one device.

Read: EA Borgifying All Brands Into ‘Online Universes’

Gamefront News: First Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Coming April 27-29

ArenaNet revealed today through their official Guild Wars 2 Twitter account that the first beta weekend event will take place during April 27-29.

The tweet reads:

Guild Wars 2@GuildWars2
Good news!First Beta Weekend Event will be from April 27-29. We will let you know once the client is ready for download. ^MK
18 Apr 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite
Important to note is that only pre-purchases and not pre-orders are guaranteed beta access.

Jasmine Stormblade@JStormblade 18 Apr 12
@GuildWars2 You say pre-ordering gets garunteed beta acess. If you dont pre-purchase, do you still have a chance to get into beta?
Guild Wars 2@GuildWars2
@JStormblade No, we always said pre-purchase guarantees access. Not pre-order. ^MK
18 Apr 12 ReplyRetweetFavorite
In case you haven’t yet reached your maximum level of hype for this title, be sure to check out Guild Wars 2′s World vs. World PvP in action.

Read: First Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Coming April 27-29

Gamefront News: First Legends of Pegasus Gameplay Trailer Released (VID)

The first trailer for the 4X space game Legends of Pegasus has been released, and it’s looking pretty good. The video showcases key elements of the game, from custom ship design to terraforming and deep space exploration.

Legends of Pegasus mixes real-time and turn-based strategy, allowing players to expand their civilization in the galaxy by colonizing new planets, building factories, laboratories and shipyards, researching new technologies and designing new spacecrafts to keep on exploring new galaxies. The game will offer both a singleplayer campaign and multiplayer with either human or AI opponents, as well as numerous modding options.

Check out the trailer:


Read: First Legends of Pegasus Gameplay Trailer Released (VID)

Gamefront News: Huge PC Downloads Sale on Impulse

Impulse is presently having a huge sale on PC digital game downloads, with some titles discounted to over 50% off. Browse through their titles; you may find a game you’ve been meaning to pick up, for the right price.

Discounts include:

Lord of the Rings Online – Mithril Edition: $14.87, down from $29.75
Age of Empires III: Complete Collection: $19.83, down from $39.67
Assassin’s Creed Revelations: $24.79, down from $49.59
Batman: Arkham City: $14.87, down from $29.75
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: $39.87, down from $59.51
Sid Meier’s Civilization V: $14.8, down from $29.75
Deus Ex: Human Revolution: $9.91, down from $19.83
Review roundup:

Game Front’s Phil Hornshaw gave Deus Ex: Human Revolution a 95/100, Civilization V an 80/100, and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations a 70/100. Ron Whitaker gave Modern Warfare 3 an 80/100, and Ben Richardson gave Akrham City a 72/100.

Read: Huge PC Downloads Sale on Impulse

Gamefront News: Max Payne 3 on Two Discs for 360

Rockstar revealed via Twitter that Max Payne 3 on Xbox 360 will take up two discs. Disc 1 will contain half of the single player story and the full multiplayer game.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given we learned yesterday from Max Payne 3′s PC system requirements that the game will require a mammoth 35 GB of disk space. We can extrapolate, via completely scientific and statistically sound calculations, that Max Payne 5 will take up 1.2 TB.

If you’re hesitant about picking up this third installment in the famous bullet-time franchise, you’ll have to rely on reviews to help make up your mind, because there will unfortunately be no demo.

Be sure to check out the Max Payne 3 comic series, created in part by Marvel, when it releases in the near future.
Read: Max Payne 3 on Two Discs for 360

Gamefront News: New 007 Legends Title Takes You Back to Bond’s Older Missions

Activision announced today that it’s working on a new James Bond game that’ll tie in with the franchise’s 50th anniversary, taking players back to some older Bond missions in 007 Legends.

Here’s a quote from Activision’s press release:

A first-of-its-kind Bond video game, 007 Legends features an original, overarching storyline tying together six classic Bond movies, concluding with this year’s highly-anticipated 23rd installment – SKYFALL – to offer the most diverse Bond gaming experience yet!

So that’s interesting. Even more so is the fact that Activision has failed to mention exactly which Bond missions the game will actually cover, but the impression I’m getting is that players will be bouncing around between movies over time. Unfortunately, there are very few details beyond boilerplate statements about things like gadgets and gorgeous women.

We do know that 007 Legends will see the return of Mi6 Missions, a mode that made its debut in Goldeneye 007: Reloaded last year. You’ll also be able to play those missions either as an ally of Bond or one of his various nemeses, and each mission will play differently based on the perspective from which you’re experiencing it.

There will also be online and four-player split-screen multiplayer modes with characters and maps that’ll cover all 50 years of Bond lore. Eurocom is developing the game, and it’s heading to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 this fall. No word on whether there will be a PC release.

Read: New 007 Legends Title Takes You Back to Bond’s Older Missions

Gamefront News: New Star Trek Game “Not Just Run and Gun”

Despite all the violence depicted in its trailers, Digital Extreme’s new Star Trek game will also include “non-violent play, platforming, traversal, and collection goals,” according to an interview with IGN. Based the popular J.J. Abrams film reboot, the title will maintain the franchise’s theme of “exploration,” while focusing on cooperative play between Kirk and Spock, two characters who are “halves of the same whole,” according to Brian Miller, Senior Vice President and Producer at Paramount Pictures.

The iconic adventurers will each approach situations in their own distinctive ways — Spock with his “Vulcan mindset” and Kirk with his “improvisational skills.” Paramount and Digital Extremes are still cagey about the plot, and particularly the enemies players will face, but they are adamant that the game will respect its vaunted source material. Star Trek is set for a 2013 release, so expect plenty of updates between now and then..


Read: New Star Trek Game “Not Just Run and Gun”

Gamefront News: Report: 40% of F2P Players Are Payers; Guys Buy More Than Girls

According to a report published by NPD Group, 40% of free-to-play gamers spend real money on the F2P game they play. The study also revealed that males are more likely to make purchases, but females are more likely to play F2P games. Make all the shopping jokes you want, but the numbers speak for themselves.

The report went on to say that most transactions occur within a gamer’s first month of playing, and that 84% of gamers stick with a F2P game after their initial playthrough. Men aged between 13 and 34 are the most likely to abandon an F2P game, while women are the most likely to keep playing.

The survey data was compiled from 6,416 respondents aged “two and older” — two? Maybe that was meant to be “12,” because I don’t know many two-year-olds who are using their mommy’s credit card.

Read: Report: 40% of F2P Players Are Payers; Guys Buy More Than Girls

Gamefront News: PC Sales Up in Q1 2012, Market Shows Worldwide Growth

Computer sales in 2012′s first quarter are showing growth, according to figures by market research firm IDC.

Worldwide shipments for PCs are up, expanding the market by 2.3% rather than the predicted 0.9%. 87 million PCs were created in the first three months of 2012, up from 85 million in the same period for 2011. Most impressive is that this growth is in spite of issues like the Thailand flooding that strangled the hard drive supply chain.

While this may seem like a victory for PC gamers over consoles, important to note is that these figures most likely predominantly reflect sales for business computers. Still, with titles like Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, and Dota 2 on the horizon, it’s not a bad time to be a PC gamer.

Read: PC Sales Up in Q1 2012, Market Shows Worldwide Growth

Gamefront News: Prey 2 Not Cancelled, Won’t be Released this Year

Remember when everyone thought Prey 2 was cancelled? Well, we just received an email from Bethesda, and we’re delighted to announce to you that Prey 2 has in fact not been cancelled. In fact, it’s still under development. However, it will not be releasing this year. Here’s Bethesda’s statement on it:

Development of Prey 2 has not been cancelled but the game will not be released in 2012 as planned. The delay is due to the fact that game development has not progressed satisfactorily this past year, and the game does not currently meet our quality standards. Prey 2 has shown great promise and we regret disappointing our fans. We have made a substantial investment in game development to deliver the experience fans want. We are determined only to release the AAA game that fans rightfully expect, and are unwilling to compromise our quality standards to meet a release schedule.

No word yet on what changes, if any, are being made to the game, but as soon as we get more information, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Read: Prey 2 Not Cancelled, Won’t be Released this Year

Gamefront News: QuakeCon 2012 Pre-Registration Starts Tomorrow!

Get ready kids. In just a few short months, iD Software’s annual QuakeCon will be upon us, and this week pre-registration starts. As always the convention will be free to the general public. However, when pre-registration opens on April 25th (that’s tomorrow guys!), they’re offering three different limited supply premium packages that comes with some pretty sweet incentives.

The packs are:

Swag Pack: Full of Limited Edition Items: $40 (Limit of 500 packages available)
· An Official QuakeCon 2012 T-Shirt
· A Dishonored Tallboy T-shirt
· A Special Limited Edition Poster

BYOC Select-a-Seat: Includes Guaranteed Reserved Seating: $30 (Limit of 1,500 packages available)
· Select and Reserve a guaranteed seat of your choice in the BYOC area
· An Official QuakeCon 2012 BYOC T-Shirt

QuakeCon done Quick: Includes Fast Passes for the Duration of the Event: $50 (Limit of 350 packages available)
· Select and Reserve a guaranteed seat of your choice in the BYOC area
· Express lane fast-pass registration for the BYOC
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· An Official QuakeCon 2012 BYOC T-Shirt

Registration starts tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM Central time on https://registration.quakecon.org/. QuakeCon 2012 happens August 2-5.

Read: QuakeCon 2012 Pre-Registration Starts Tomorrow!

Gamefront News: Researchers: Video Games Blameless for Norwegian Mass Murders

The fact that mass murderer Anders Breivik was a gamer led several media outlets to blame video games for his violent behavior, but mental health professionals believe otherwise.

Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway throughout 2011, is a gamer, and during his trial told the court he once played Modern Warfare for 17 hours straight, using such games to to work out the police response and his best escape strategy.

Christopher Chambers, a senior research fellow at Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, explained that correlation is often wrongly confused with causation:

“If a person plays violent video games and then commits acts of violence, it doesn’t prove that the video games caused the violence. There could be no link whatsoever, or it might even be the other way round: that the person’s violent tendencies drew them to violent video games in the first place.”

Seena Fazel, a consultant forensic psychiatrist at Britain’s University of Oxford, points to a 2008 paper in the journal Criminal Justice and Behaviour, which describes two experiments designed to test whether violent games encourage violence.

The results showed that neither exposure to violent video game conditions in a lab, nor previous real-life exposure to violent video games caused any differences in aggression. The paper concluded that “trait aggression, family violence, and male gender were predictive of violent crime, but exposure to violent games was not.”

Isn’t it nice to have unbiased professionals stand up for gaming and not suggest that our favorite hobby is turning us into a society of homicidal maniacs?

Read: Researchers: Video Games Blameless for Norwegian Mass Murders

Gamefront News: Sci-Fi Author Sues Assassin’s Creed, Claiming Copyright Infringement

In a dramatic turn, Assassin’s Creed developers Ubisoft have been sued by scientist/author John L. Beiswenger, who claims to have invented the idea of using technology to relive ancestral memories in his 2003 novel Link (that’s not a typo, it’s the name of the novel). Beiswenger wants up to $5.25 million if the judge rules in his favor; he also wants to prevent the release of Assassin’s Creed 3.

Reading through the complaint itself, it’s certainly possible to see parallels between Beiswenger’s work and Ubisoft’s wildly popular series. Link features a device called the “Bio-synchronizer,” which enables ancestral memories to be “accessed, recalled, relived and re-experienced.” The author also touches on Biblical themes, a staple of the Ubisoft series, and even discusses assassination, suggesting that the Bio-synchronizer could enable people to travel back in time and “smell the gunpowder” emanating from the pistol that John Wilkes Booth used to shoot Lincoln.

Other claims are less convincing; the complaint goes out of its way to point out that in both the book and the game series, the “battle between good and evil” is a “recurring theme,” as if that were somehow evidence of infringement. There’s also the curious timing of the lawsuit: if Ubisoft really has been ripping off Beiswenger, they’ve been doing it since 2007, when the first game was released, so why sue now? Maybe the author’s just not a gamer, but with Assassin’s Creed 3 on everyone’s minds (see our PAX Preview), the suit seems more than a little opportunistic.

Nevertheless, Game Front (and the rest of the gaming community) is eager for more news on the subject. We’ll be keeping you informed as the legal battle heats up.

Read: Sci-Fi Author Sues Assassin’s Creed, Claiming Copyright Infringement

Gamefront News: Splash Damage Has Sold 2.5 Million Copies of Brink

Class-based multiplayer shooter Brink stumbled during the early days after its release last year, but despite online connectivity issues and massive lag, apparently Splash Damage’s FPS has done all right for itself.

The developer says that Brink has sold more than 2.5 million copies worldwide across both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, as well as Steam, and that has brought in some $120 million to $140 million in revenue. The numbers were revealed in an interview with Spalsh Damage CEO Paul Wedgewood by Gamasutra.

But despite generating perhaps as much as $140 million from Brink, Splash Damage didn’t necessarily see that money, Wedgewood said. In fact, it was situations like that that prompted Splash Damage to spin off a publishing arm of its own, called WarChest.

“But of course, as an independent video game developer, we don’t earn that kind of revenue, as we’re not the publisher of the title (Bethesda is) … but we could see there was the potential to serve our fans content directly, and while we don’t want to take anything away from what Splash Damage does, we wanted a vehicle that we can dedicate exclusively to that pursuit.”

Our Ron Whitaker enjoyed Brink (although that was before its rampant lag issues came fully into focus). Meanwhile, Splash Damage is already working on new titles for new platforms, including a mobile game. It’ll be interesting to see what WarChest gets up to.

Read: Splash Damage Has Sold 2.5 Million Copies of Brink

Gamefront News: Starbreeze: Syndicate Couldn’t Have “Ever Lived Up to Some People’s Expectations”

CEO and President of Starbreeze Studios Mikael Nermark believes the expectations of some Syndicate fans were set unrealistically high — so high that the game‘s reboot couldn’t have ever lived up to them.

In an interview with Joystiq, Nermark said:

“Syndicate comes with a lot of expectations. Such a great brand, such a great franchise. I don’t think we could’ve ever lived up to some people’s expectations.”

Game Front’s Ross Lincoln gave Syndicate an 80/100 — not a bad score, but there’s obvious room for improvement. Metacritic’s average review score is 72/100, with a user score of 5.2/10, so it’s clear that many fans were disappointed with this reboot. The question is — were their expectations too high, or did the game set its goal post too low?

Read: Starbreeze: Syndicate Couldn’t Have “Ever Lived Up to Some People’s Expectations”

Gamefront News: StarCraft 2 World Championship Pits Five Continents in Competition

Think you’re the world’s top StarCraft 2 player, but don’t know how to get into a pro championship event?

Gentlemen, start your APM spam.

Blizzard is hosting a StarCraft 2 World Championship Series, pitting players against each other in an open tournament across five continents: Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, and Europe. Each National Championship will see its top finishers earning a spot in the Continental Finals, which will decide who gets to represent their continent at the World Championship.

Will an unknown player become World Champion, or will it be a famous pro-gamer? Is there even a possibility that a non-Korean player will take it?

Read: StarCraft 2 World Championship Pits Five Continents in Competition

Gamefront News: Star Wars: The Old Republic Might Be Bleeding Subscribers

Is it just me, or has Bioware been offering a lot of free goodies for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The multiple free weekends were noteworthy by themselves, but just this week they vastly expanded the Legacy Promotion. If I didn’t know better, I’d think there might be some troubled waters er, space waters for the gigantic Star Wars MMO.

Well, now I might just know a slightly bit better. GamesIndustry is reporting that The Old Republic subscriptions may have already topped out after only 4 months since release. That’s according to industry Analyst Doug Creutz, who believes that heavy advertising by EA, not to mention the frequent promotions, is strong evidence that the game has seen a notable decline in subscriptions since the touted 1.7 million counted in February.

Said Creutz: “we believe that the apparent decline in subscribers is most likely due to a lack of ‘end-game’ content for the title, meaning that players who hit the level cap have few compelling options in terms of ongoing game play. While the game got off to a good start,” he continued, “the relatively light amount of end-game content does appear to be taking a toll.”

What else has his form noticed? “We believe EA is attempting to address the end-game content issue, including a recent major game update, but momentum appears to have stalled and we believe it is prudent to adopt a more conservative forecast on subscribers at this time.”

They offer no word on whether Bioware itself might be suffering from a backlash, but it’s telling that sales figures for Mass Effect 3 have also not been to expectation, almost certainly the result of negative word of mouth. The aforementioned free goodies for players, and the upcoming new Mass Effect 3 ending, may be evidence of some panic behind the scenes. Especially since EA is overall doing quite well and expected to end 2012 firmly in the black.

Read: Star Wars: The Old Republic Might Be Bleeding Subscribers

Gamefront News: Uncharted 3 Game Of The Year Edition Announced

Sony has announced the Uncharted 3 Game Of The Year Edition, which will include the full game and all 14 pieces of DLC.

The full list, as described by Sony:

* Classic Skins Packs 1 – 3: A huge total of 25 skins for the Uncharted 3 multiplayer experience including fan favourites such as Nathan Drake as he appears in the original Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, or Winter Drake as he appears in Tibet during Uncharted 2: Among Thieves; even minor characters such as Cameraman Jeff make an appearance.
* Multiplayer Accessory Pack: Allows players to play skinned as a Capture Trooper from another PS3 exclusive, Killzone 3. Also includes the ISA and Helghast helmets accessories.
* Flashback Map Packs 1 and 2: Includes eight maps that bring reworked, dynamically improved environments from Uncharted: Drake’s * Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves into the multiplayer of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.
Drake’s Deception Map Pack: Four new multiplayer maps – The Graveyard, Old Quarter, London Streets, and Oasis – each incorporating its own dynamic events.
* Fort Co-Op Adventure: Additional content for the co-op adventure online game mode, Fort takes players on a journey through the fortress first seen in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to seek out Nathan Drake.
* Co-Op Shade Survival: Take on wave after wave of some of the toughest enemies from the Uncharted series, the fiery Djinn. This co-op game mode provides a good multiplayer challenge that rewards quite handsomely.
* Doughnut Skin Pack: If you’ve ever wondered what Sully would look like if he really let himself go, this is the skin pack for you. * Five characters from the franchise are depicted in larger-than-life form.
* Rogues Skin Pack 1 and 2: Tired of playing as Nate? Unnamed henchmen and hired goons more your thing? This is what you’ve been waiting for. Play as 14 minor antagonists from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

Sony has yet to announce a release date, but it did release a graphic with some impressive figures. 2.5 thousand years worth of Uncharted multiplayer has been played, over 17 million copies of games in the series have been sold, and the US alone has over 2 million multiplayer users. Are you among them?

Read: Uncharted 3 Game Of The Year Edition Announced

Gamefront News: Valve on Origin: “I Don’t Think They’re Doing Anything Super-Well Yet”

Gabe Newell said some interesting things on the Seven Day Cooldown podcast, indirectly speaking to fans about Half-Life 3 and discussing the issues with EA’s Origin platform, direct competitor to Steam.

Newell said about EA and Origin:

“They have a lot of work to do to get to where they need to be and where I as a customer would want them to be.”

When asked if he thought Origin is currently doing anything particularly well, Newell was at a loss for words, letting an uncomfortable silence echo throughout the room before saying:

“I don’t want to dodge the question — I don’t think they’re doing anything super-well yet.

“They have a bunch of smart people working on it but I think they’re still playing catch up to a lot of people who have been working in the space for a while. I think they’re recognizing what the challenges are with building and scaling out this kind of system.

“That’s not to say they won’t build stuff in the future that is useful to software developers or to gamers, but they haven’t done that yet.”

Newell ended with some advice for EA:

“As we learn about this stuff we’re all going to be making things better for other gamers. [Epic Games boss] Tim Sweeney doesn’t look at Steam and say ‘F***, we shouldn’t support that because that will hurt long term sales of the Unreal Engine’. He’s like, “that’s pretty cool, that’s pretty useful”.

“So hopefully EA get their head to the same place.”

What are your thoughts on Origin?

Read: Valve on Origin: “I Don’t Think They’re Doing Anything Super-Well Yet”

Gamefront News: Valve Discusses “Ricochet 2;” Codename for Half-Life 3?

Speaking on the Seven Day Cooldown podcast, Valve’s Gabe Newell may have been indirectly talking about Half-Life 3 when speaking about Ricochet 2, an apparent sequel to a Half-Life 2 mod released in November 2000.

Newell said:

“We end up changing our minds as we’re going through and developing stuff, so as we’re thinking through the giant story arc which is Ricochet 2, you might get to a point where you’re saying something is surprising us in a positive way and something is surprising us in a negative way, and, you know, we’d like to be super-transparent about the future of Ricochet 2.″

Giant story arc? Ricochet was a simple, arcade deathmatch game.

The plot thickens, as Newell goes on:

“We always have this problem that when we talk about things too far in advance. The problem is, we think that the twists and turns that we’re going through would probably drive people more crazy than just being silent about it, until we can be very crisp about what’s happening next.”

Ricochet wasn’t a huge hit for Valve; it’s not among the titles they’re most proud of. The thought that such consternation would arise over the sequel to a fun little mod is absurd.

The possibilities exist here; either Valve is putting an undue amount of effort into the sequel to a mod that is over a decade old and hardly has any populated servers left, or Newell was delivering a message about HL3 with a nod and a wink to fans. Which is less unlikely?

Read: Valve Discusses “Ricochet 2;” Codename for Half-Life 3?

Gamefront News: Valve: “S–tty Games Are Much Worse for Us As An Industry Overall”

Valve co-founder Gabe Newell believes that the biggest problem plaguing the video game industry is poor-quality games. Not only do such games deter players from particular franchises or developers, but they can also sour video game neophytes to the entire gaming experience.

Speaking on the Seven Day Cooldown podcast, Newell said:

“We’re really still at the phase where there are so many more people who aren’t playing games than those who are. The reality is, anyone who plays a great game and has a great time is more likely to buy another game. Our biggest issue is that shitty games are much worse for us as an industry overall.

“It’s not like you go ‘oh good that customer has dollars in their pocket, they can spend them on my game’. It’s more like they just aren’t going to buy games in general, or go do something else with their time, [if they play a game they don’t enjoy].”

I love that Newell speaks in such frank terms, and he said quite a bit during the Seven Day Cooldown podcast, potentially hinting at Half-Life 3 and discussing Origin’s failings.

Read: Valve: “S–tty Games Are Much Worse for Us As An Industry Overall”

Gamefront News: Watch The Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Teaser

Lost amid the din of the controversial (and terrible) ending of Mass Effect 3 is the fact that like it or not – and we probably will! – there’s still going to be a Mass Effect movie. No, not the live action film which I will bet any takers 10 bucks is the way of the Uncharted movie, which is to say it is never gonna happen. I’m talking about Mass Effect: Paragon Lost, the animated feature film due out sometime later this year.

A new teaser has been released showing off concept art and still from the film, and for your enjoyment, here it is.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to this. Mass Effect 3 has a lot of problems – mainly starting in the last 10 minutes – but many things I assumed would suck turned out to be pretty great, particularly James Vega, who ended up being my favorite new character. (Granted, it’s not a difficult call between FPJ and Jessica Chobot). Produced jointly by Bioware and Texas-based FUNimation, the James Vega-focused anime is set prior to the events of Mass Effect 3. No doubt we’ll see him nicknaming people, doing pull ups and shooting things. And I approve.

Read: Watch The Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Teaser

Gamefront News: Will Sony Restructure PSN in Light of Recent Financial Woes?

“Pay-to-win” is a derogatory expression hurled at free-to-play MMOs that include a microtransaction system that puts users who haven’t made any purchases at a significant disadvantage to those who do. Can the spirit of pay-to-win be coming to the PSN?

With Sony preparing for its biggest loss in company history, new CEO Kaz Hirai has outlined a new strategy that indicates:

“The Company also aims to increase sales by enriching its catalog of downloadable game titles and subscription services available through the PSN platform.”

Wedbush Securities’ Michael Pachter told GamesIndustry that Sony likely won’t go the way of Microsoft and charge an annual fee for multiplayer:

“I think it’s unlikely that they will require a fee, but think they will strip down the free version to multiplayer and not much else in order to encourage people to pay the fee.”

Billy Pidgeon of M2 Research agrees:

“Providing networked services for online gaming is not inexpensive, and charging for these services would help Sony defray those costs. I think Sony would best benefit by continuing to build out on the currently employed freemium model, charging for enhanced, tiered and incremental items, services and add-ons to add value to the online gaming experience.

“The PlayStation Plus program provides great incentives for subscribers, and Sony can get more revenue from advertising, item transactions and specialized services to enhance specific aspects of online gameplay such as custom content and rules for use for individuals, guilds and other groups. Sony should also move quickly to shift paid content other than gaming to the network.”

Read: Will Sony Restructure PSN in Light of Recent Financial Woes?


Armada 2: Important Site News
The following is an important announcement from your A2Files staff.

Hmmm Donut! Hmmm Donut! Hmmm Donut! Donuts. Hmmm Donut! Hmmm Donut! Hmmm Donut!

That is all.
Read: Important Site News
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Diablo 3: Diablo 3 Official Release Date!
For those of you that do not already know, the release date of Diablo 3 is the 15th May! You can pre-purchase the game on Battle.net and a little bit of information Blizzard have released is that World of Warcraft players can get Diablo 3 for free by buying the World of Warcraft Annual Pass — but they’ll have to act fast, because the the promotion will be ending at 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 1, 2012.

So all aboard the Diablo train, your adventure begins and in a sense continues in a month!
Read: Diablo 3 Official Release Date!
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Diablo 3: The Demon Hunter Revealed
To quench your thirst about the reveal of the Demon Hunters why not check out a small description below and why not read an exclusive story too!

Neophyte hunters are trained merely by surviving in the demon-infested wastes of the Dreadlands. Practiced in the subtle arts of knife and crossbow, the demon hunter learns how to dodge monstrous blows with acrobatic skill -- and return them with sharp-bladed fury. These delicate weapons require masterful finesse, but they allow demon hunters to bring death to their targets with surgical precision.

To check out the new Demon Hunter Page click here.
Read: The Demon Hunter Revealed
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Diablo 3: Class Skill Videos - Updates
Blizzard have been updating their skill videos and they've released some more! We can't embed them on the page so you will have to go to their site and check them out, the latest updates feature the Demon Hunter!

You can view them here.
Read: Class Skill Videos - Updates
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Halo 2: Halo 4: Confirmed Facts *SPOILERS INSIDE*
You may all remember that a little while ago, I posted a list of rumors and possible facts about Halo 4.

A few of those have been recently confirmed, with one adjusted.

Confirmed Facts:
-Halo 4 takes place 4 years after Halo 3, and not 7 years like I was lead to believe from the Xbox World magazine article I read.
-The Covenant are in the game, but ARE NOT the main enemy of it. I posted this before, and now it is confirmed.
-A new ancient enemy is in Halo 4. In my original post, I mentioned that it was the Prisoner from the Precursor species. While this hasn't technically been confirmed yet, it's most likely that is is true.
-Theater Mode and Forge Mode are returning to Halo 4.
-Firefight has been replaced by a new mode called Spartan Ops. Hopefully, it's better. (I hated Firefight).


Read: Halo 4: Confirmed Facts *SPOILERS INSIDE*
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Halo 4 finally has a release date!!!

November 6th 2012.

And to celebrate, here are the fantastic machinimators from RoosterTeeth, using Halo 4, and doing what they do best. smile

PS: They are Spartan IV base models, but there will be customization options available.

Anyway, mark your calenders! Master Chief returns on November 6th!!! Rock eek! big grin

More Halo 2 News: FileFront's Halo 2 Files

Jedi Knight III: Great News Everyone!!!

In other news, its great to see plenty of people voting on all our contest entries, I am glad we finally managed to get this under way. I will leave voting open for another week, so everyone has a chance and also post it on the forums too to draw a little extra attention to the main site. Thanks to those that took part and thanks to the community for their support.

Ok maybe it isnt quite like the good old days, but it shows there is still a community that cares about modding this game and participating on the site! smile

JKFiles manager

And now, back to the Dacia Sandero!


Read: Great News Everyone!!!
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Jedi Knight III: POTD Validation Issues

Well, as you may have noticed, we have not had a new POTD for quite a while now. I can assure you however that this is not me being lazy! Unfortunately another bug has popped up in the backend, which basically means that we are unable to validate POTD's currently.

I apologise for this latest bug, but the tech people do know about it and i will keep you updated as soon as we hear anything on when it might be fixed!

JKFiles Manager
Read: POTD Validation Issues
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Lord of the Rings Online: Turbine Release Tentative Festival TimeFrame 2012
Sapience from Turbine has released a rough sketch as it were of the this years festivals in Lotro. This also includes the first mention of a new festival called Farmers Faire.
This is what Spience had to say.

Hello all! There's a lot going on for 2012 and we know that some of you are wondering what the news of the Spring Festival being pushed to May means for the rest of the festivals this year. So, while we're still working out the specifics in terms of exact dates, we'd like to give you at least a tentative month by month breakdown of the current schedule. Please remember, this is still evolving and is subject to change.


Anniversary Festival


Spring Festival


Farmer's Faire


Summer Festival


Fall Festival

Read: Turbine Release Tentative Festival TimeFrame 2012
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Lord of the Rings Online: Fancy winning a trip to Boston ?
Well you could do just that with the latest contest from Turbine the creators of Lord of the Rings Online.
They are running a video contest and the winner get a trip to Boston MA in the US. The winner also gets 1000 turbine points and a lifetime membership to Lotro thrown into the mix.
So what are you waiting for ? Heado over to http://biggestfan.lotro.com/ to get more info.
Read: Fancy winning a trip to Boston ?
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Medal of Honor: 10 years for Allied Assault
Happy birthday MOHAA!
The game was relased in February 2002 in europe (in Janurary 2002 in north America) so Medal of Honor Allied Assault is a ten years old game now.
It's still the best game ever made on the earth, don't you agree ?
This old site isn't crowded like 2 or 3 years ago, but anyway, the fun is still here...
Read: 10 years for Allied Assault
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Sins of a Solar Empire: Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Update
The expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire called 'Rebellion' is due to be released on June 12th and can be bought over at the Stardock store and can be downloaded from STEAM which is the only option at the moment, if you're unsure as to whether this standalone expansion pack seems worth it (why?!?), you might want to check out an action packed trailer below:

Read: Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Update
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